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Part 22: Day 19: Speedy Construction

The construction of refinement room is completed. Slightly too late for poop refining, but ready for future poop refining.

To ensure everything get done fast, Hats decided to improve everyone’s efficiency by learning intermediate charm formula.

The most important charm for all laborer are speed enchantment. Light Body Charm and Godspeed Charm can stack, so everyone will literally run like the wind.

The only limiting factor is the lack of the semi-common Cinnabar, which are mined on hills near us. Although there are enough to mass produce both speed charm, we might need to reserves for other charms and higher tiered black paper that allow further stacking.

Other important charm such as Resist Heat and Resist Cold. These are usually necessary for visiting places with extreme temperate.

Especially the Bliss Charm that improve mood and enjoyment from entertainment longer.

In a sudden spark of divine inspiration, what effect would the visage of Poop Snake produce?

Poop Snake knew what we are lacking: Drugs Elixir and good inner cultivator. The effect will be stronger with higher skill and higher tier paper.

After a long consideration of who could benefits from rounding up their potential with 0.15 points and have the qualification to become an inner, Happerry is chosen to equip it. He would need to wait for a suitable law before beginning his road of cultivation… unless he wants to Sunflower?

Anyhow, let’s mass produce Godspeed charm before Hats REALLY going back into seclusion.

As for Radio Free Kobold, he spent a bit more time to get some local herbs before returning.

Kaja does wonder when he will return…

… while wondering in pain…

And regretting teaching music to Covski.

Another unknown person having issue that’s lasting over three hours.

Unfortunately, such medicine is rare as not many in the world would suffer this kind of Strong ailment.

Hopefully no one is showing syndrome of overcharging yang in their body.

It is done. Our Snake Temple (with ancestors) is done. Feng Shui Snake eternally toil in its heavenly purpose of breaking our bad fortune. PRAISE BE, ANCESTOR & SNAKE!

In convergent to respect of ancestor, comes the punishment of discipline to respect the ancestor. Cult of Bèn’s ultimate timeout room - Maze of Penitent.

After a long walk near the beach, the offender will arise from within the maze to direct their gazes upon the vast sea of endlessness in the world of cultivation. There, they will become enlightens by the insignificant and meaningless act of mortal sentiment that they had committed in hindrance to our goal of achieving immortality. That or it connote the meaning that we will drown them next time if they don’t behave.