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Part 220: Day 609-613: Yin Yang Relation


This guy is overwhelmed by how amenable we are. He also has a Naïve personality according to our informant from nearby Chun branches.

Sure is nice to have submissive servant from other sect to do the legwork for you.

It’s also easy to procure his gift from our expanded international ‘branches’ of item storage.

Bearing our wealthy gift with sincere intention of future raid, our sect leader pay a visit to this new sect that pop out of money nowhere.

UGH! This awful symmetry! Can’t you terraform it a little better?

They introduce us their unique weapon known as Fly-Whisk, and Sword of Tao. Both Taoist item compatible with magic.

New Max Qi pill for beginners. Not that we need such trash for novice anymore.

Finally, more impressive things to decorate our sect.

BY THE ANCESTOR! CURVE WALL! Our sect will look less stodgy!

I thought they are surrounded by a lake, but they are high above the cloud. Sucks for them to miss out on lotus.

They sure have a thing for turtle and phoenix. Both of which might never exist in our sect.

These guy are so poor; they don’t even have law books here.

We all left after seeing their non-existence wealth.

We will ravage their nearby resources for whatever worth having.

You sure this isn’t tiger dong or cow dung?

TravelLog arrived at their so-called Reattainment Temple.


They have a SECOND sect!? Why can’t we have it too!?

Wooo! Tea! At last, we can have caffeine! :synthy:

Evil Kit teleported into their Purple Cloud Palace.

Goddamn, another branch. They are actually wealthy.

Too bad they spread their wealth too thin to worth looting.

Rastin tele-visit the Southrock Palace next… I forgot he was on nude hatching duty…

Fortunately, nothing worth checking out at this branch.


Weeks of gentle caressing the poop has finally bore fruit! :coolslime:

Welcome back to modern society.

Back to the gym you go.

You rather get wet in the rain than being on the receiving end? Must be rough.

Love Guru can have these talkative one.

At least you have someone to practice your pickup line…

… at the highest difficulty.

Once again, our meme has become reality. These curve wall shall bring our curved-triangle sect towards perfection!

Various thoughts ebb and flow through my mind as I stare at this height of depravity with complicated emotions.

Their sect leader is clearly impressed by our mastery of curves.

Time to inspect his gift.

Let’s talk about Wudang and Turtle:

The name ‘Wudang’ is named after Wudang Mountain.

Wudang is a word combination come from the saying: "非真武 (Wu) 不足以当 (Dang)之”

In short, the turtle is the Pokémon of the Perfect Warrior - Xuanwu.

We got a turtle with a snake riding it. I think that satisfied one of the goon’s request for turtle mount, because I am not going to raise another turtle. :colbert:

How cruel for your old master to abandon you. Don't worry, we take good care of our pets.

Alright, Son. Your vacation is extended. Go spread freedom or something. :pipe:

Welcome, welcome.

We always appreciate 2-in-1 deal from DLC.

Ladies and Gents, behold the embodiment of wealth: A turtle that shit money. :signings:

A way to delay shapeshifting tribulation!? Now should be possible to raise max-thoughts animals that only have like 10 days to live.

Interesting, an arsenal of spell that buff/debuff Formation and Body Cultivator.

Since it is a fire and water type, we don’t really need the firebird anymore… how its’ hatching progress so far?

Well, that’s that. :discourse:

Now that we are done with the bird, it’s time to visit this place that another Ancient Cultivator told us about.

The legendary place where people murder each other so hard that a dragon born out of their combined hatred and slaughtered all of them.

Someone who can scream for help should be safe enough to explore that yin yang hell hole.

Don’t worry, you are at max luck.

Luck can’t help if you are careless. :nono:

We will send a disposable backup.

Hmm... maybe we need more than luck? :magemage:

Screw it. Lifespan worth nothing to us anyway.

There we go.

Another jade to break.

Just in time for our latest Golden Core to embrace his destiny.

Is it a horror flim in black and white?

Someone might die.

Sect Map

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