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Part 221: Day 614-618: Yin Revelation

Glad I got lazy busy for a couple days to power level everyone to demi-god.

Before handing down the executive order to crash that jade, let’s prep a couple things like writing a will before desperate ascension in battle or get moved to the farm.

Some… are more willing to embrace gender equality and doesn’t care about face.

Speaking of face, the update reset and capped your rejuvenated face from longer lifespan at adult-face instead of baby-face.

For those on the lifespan burn trip that I forgot to cancel, you might look a lot better compare to your youth with a hairy mole.

Fortunately, we now have pills to Lock, reset, or change your face to whatever stages you prefer.

Not going to bother with individual preference, so we elect for arthritis-equality in this sect and randomly assigns a pill to everyone.

Everyone mad dash for the pill they want, but it’s hard to shove against giant bull and bear getting the pill for their owner.

ohgod pleasehelp got lucky and returned to his prime.

We will check the rest when they are worth reporting later.

Next we make a bunch of cake to help everyone catch up with their lost birthday. They are all spoiled to represent the years you haven’t eaten it. Truly the most magnanimous gesture from the House of Chun.

Our gold-shitter agrees. :hai:

Now then, before we summon the dragon into existence, let’s learn more about this entity:

Torch Dragon is not just a dragon, it is a Solar Deity who controls the day/night cycle.

Like any good immortal fantasy, we will end it all by fighting GOD!

The combat guide given to us by the ancient cultivator for this boss is twice as long as the other bosses. I can’t imagine how anyone can fight this Puzzle Dragon without it.


With the ancient strategy guide at hand…

We will win as long as we follow the strategy guide.







We were wrong. How foolish of us to face such terrifying being with our measly determination!

If only we had realized our foolishness sooner…

We thought our super gravity curse training would prepare us for anything…

We were over-prepared…

We have deviated from the Way of Chun by being smart for once.

Hence we paid with our lives for being too smart.

Quite a tragic timeline.

Canceling Season 3.


                                                                              “YOU FOOL! Do you want to get us all killed!?”

“I am sorry, ancestor! I was foolish to challenge god on a whim!”

“You shall stay in the Maze of Penitent for a month to reflect upon your action!”

“Wait, before you go…”

“Grab the jade, throw away that stupid guide, and stand over there.”


“Good. Now crush the jade.”



                                                                              “Now we will win.”

To Be Continued…