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Part 222: Day 614-620: There was no Yang

“We, the Chun, are extremely overconfident and will wing it with our own ass-pull interpretation of supernatural. “

“Those lowly mythical beasts like ‘dragon’ or ‘phoenix’ are just shit to us.”

*Fragrantful Sneeze over the hourly long lecture before breaking the jade*

Free Polar Night weather!

It will only make us stronger! Every Inner has been promoted into demi-godhood, and ready to gang up on god.

We just happened to have a heatwave going on, so the cool night balance it out nicely. This is surely a sign of approval from our ancestor.

Judging from past experience, it won’t arrive until the end of the weather. Maybe there’s a Yang weather follow up to make it 10 days.

Won’t hurt to dump the rest of their EXP into something while we wait. Every number counts.

Not everyone does well in their study.

:hmmno: Except you with your inferior law. Try to survive with what you have as support.

What’s with traitor and wall!? Ears? :rimshot:

What’s with yin and eggs!? Rotten? :downsrim:

Our ancestors clearly anticipated this and autosaved right on the spot.

This seem to require a mix of dragon and phoenix approach. We will deal with it the correct way.

“PROTENT!” :yum:

Actual screen-shake earthquake happening!

I did not expect it to be summoned just like that.

(Male) Torch Dragon, (Female) Body, around late afternoon.

How nice for it to tell us its weakness.

The ultimate bad breath?

Whatever. Everyone, CHARGE! Poke its eyes out! We are doing this our way! :black101:


Our body cultivator went to punch its gut while we lasers its eyes.

Even an immortal would go blind from this.

We highly recommend you to not injure our Body Cultivator. It will only make them stronger.

We highly recommend you to hit our Daoist. You can injure them if you ever out-damage their empowered heal spells! :catholic:

Damn, we hit it like a truck.

I almost feel bad for the final boss.

Oh? It lasted long enough to do its thing?


It would be truly tragic if this happened at Daytime where Yang energy is at its height, but such timeline doesn’t exist.

I can’t imagine a timeline where we wasted time consulting a guide while the dragon has time to lays eggs.

Lots and lots of Yang Eggs that can only be suppressed with Very Ominous Feng Shui that our whole sect clearly doesn’t have.

The dragon can’t seem to clone cultivator shoved into Formation either.

I spent many hours stuffing everyone into a working formation, but we ended up not needing it for this astonishing depiction of bullying. We will send each of them to solo sect later.

I think it’s crying, but it lacks the eyes for it.

Since our Daoist can’t poke its eyes anymore, they all stabs the main body.

Which will die first? The dragon or my PC?

I can’t see the dragon anymore.

That was… quick?

Alright, time for phase 2? Final form? No more deforestation?


Apparently, we hit it so hard and fast that we skipped 90% of its tricks in this timeline.