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Part 223: Day 614-620: There was Yang

aldantefax posted:

Can we hit it softer and slower and see what bullshit it has cooking up in its other phases? If we had that easy of a time with final boss mode, might as well give it all the chances to do something.
:hmmno: This is what a scheming turncoat would request, granting fair duel advantage against an enemy? Traitorarurirous!

Fine, I will indulge in your treachery. Let’s see which timeline would give us a good view…

These are too infuriating/tragic to use…

This will suffice.

This is a semi-tragic timeline where…

Divine management of a shitstorm gone wrong.

Resulting in the Deadly Laxative Plague that sweeps through the land and none of us decided to wear mask. The lack of social distancing in the sweaty gym also made it worst.

goat face, the last surviving god of Chun was shielded by our newly brought turtle from the nuclear-fart of the Poopshock at the very last moment. Its DLC sacrifice will be remembered for as long as this timeline will last.

Crawling out the shell of the DLC turtle, goat face believes he can rebuild the House of Chun as long as one person lives to see Season 3.

In fact, he just need to save these Body Cultivator that the game’s kill switch failed to activate on them, and the other lightning-kill switch does only a few percent metal damage.

Not content with just semi-tragedy, our main villain did the opposite of patriotic sacrifice by breaking the jade on her last breath.

Right on top of an inauspicious spot that might or might not matters.

Please ignore the mini-tournament among these body cultivators that I try to kill for hours. Pretend they are dead for content purpose of this fine example of doomed timeline.

With no one left beside goat face, can our spell god solo this ultimate foe? :qq:

There’s a really good reason why you should do solo. Too many living people will complicate things.

You either solo to not deal with horde of these or bring AOE spell. That or overwhelming firepowers that can kill the dragon in a few stabs also works. :ese:

When I said ‘horde of these’, I meant their artifacts.

Their cheat amount of artifacts. You thought I choose solo for fun? yes

These 10 artifacts hits so hard that it kill the real deal faster than the kill switch. So you probably can’t solo with Body.

Spell goes straight for their body, so goat face can bypass those BS artifacts. :golgo:

Particularly because they can regen Qi to heal and keep their artifact going. As for why they are so strong...

Since god have insane amount of mental state, the avatar born from them are practically useless.

In contrast, this body cultivator was very disheartened by his recent lost in the tournament and zero mental state give birth to this abomination with 10 artifacts. :cthulhu:

The dragon also toss energy the size of a house at you occasionally.

Most of the Yin attacks from the dragon deal damage based on target’s mental state.

goat face would have no problem dealing with this, and he can regain the loss mental state overtime thanks to the final cultivator state of Shendao providing a passive gain without external factor.

You might not need refund to solo, and it's best to not swap to Day Stage.

They do have to stop and deal with their storm from the loosened mental-grip of their godly civilization.

Having 185 Protect is truly a blessing. :frogc00l:

The fight went on for so long that these clone shadow(?) decided to relief themselves.

The boss also pop out these Yin Eggs from... where the sun don’t shine.

They are mostly fine since your sect should have bunch of Very Auspicious room. Now back to actual combat.

God’s artifact is usually non-element, so they don’t need to deal with element-heal from bosses.

Especially this dual swapping element advantage BS this dragon need you to track. Good luck having artifact cultivators of each element, and preferably not earth because they won't help much.

Also make sure all your cultivator maxes out their mental state before fighting this near-instant kill BS.

A Daoist cultivator would had died a long time ago.

Let’s hope you have enough firepower to murder it before your mental state drop to that point.

You would think poking its fragile eyes out first would weaken it…

They are traps. With rewards. But traps. Fighting this thing will semi-permanently ruins your cultivator’s cultivation progress for a long time unless they are already demi-god.

Alright, now to break all those Yin Eggs to swap to the Yang stage. This is a bad idea.

Right, the day version of the dragon.

It would never harm that panda, right?

Panda is too kindhearted to be punish by the daytime dragon. :unsmith:

This skill does make the mobs stronger overtime while our god become more vulnerable.

Its ‘explode’ spell version hit at 50 Condemnation, so day time is better for group battle since everyone can share the bad karma.

Now imagine the shadow clone fueled from the sin of a traitor. :argh:

The dragon or bad/good Feng Shui also starts breaking these eggs to produce these servants and alternate spam between both stages.

The day and night mob then team up to murder our god, and the dragon started healing for some reason, so this timeline is doomed the moment goat face breaks its Yin Eggs.