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Part 225: Day 625-629: Money Fueled Explosion

Our field test of various so-called ‘powerful’ formations from the local sects was disappointing. :baduk:

Was learning all these for naught? All these brain power and practiced coordination just to disappoint?

Are all these sacrifices from other timeline a waste of time?

No. We can see the potential of Formation, and all these premade are merely shit.

Let us, the newest generation of Daoist with bitter gall and overconfidence to make something better!

Embrace modern sophistication! It’s solid, natural, and biodegradable! The greenest product from the House of Chun! :wotwot:

Due to wording limitation, we will leave the rest to what you think it represents.

Many thought it going to be shit, but we don’t need to cheat to make something this amazing in base game! No idea where I got it.

Now, you would think such powerful formation should naturally be pillar by our best formation master, but there’s a more deserving candidate:

Introducing - Big Chungus!

Our sentiment poop has become human while we were messing around with inferior formations.

She emerges in triumphant among her countless peers who failed to awakens in the hen house. :sss:

It’s unfortunate that we don’t have time to assign kitchen duty to someone who knows her ingredients well. Imagine all the wonderful product and post-product! :smithfrog:

Alas, she has greater destiny at the elite echelon of our sect.

A destiny powered by money. :homebrew:

Not too long ago, we realize the unique Wonder of Wutang sect isn’t the usual kind that requires wiping a sect to obtain.

It has a welcoming air that invite our elder to take upon its knowledge. As if we already paid for it in our past life. :shepspends:

This whole mystical process is like how we walk up to a store to buy a bread. :steam:

It is very economic.

After amble amount of elixir to Big Chun, she is more than qualify for what I assume is the power of capitalism.

Stealing from heaven? Ancestor Lynneth would approve.

Our last and final disciple of the great House of Chun. It's within our philosophical beliefs that there’s nothing else stronger than cash for power.

Holy Shit! She is born to be the ultimate weapon!

Undeniably, the dev loves to offer 2-in-1 deal. She is effectively learning two laws? One and a half? Mix?

All these new Orthodox arts should unclog our princess' learning progress as she desperately trying to figure out the application of both skill trees.

We still have plenty of this after everyone maxed out their own build, so she and Big Chun can practically purchase both tree if needed.

All these EXP will help Big Chun achieve emptiness from CHAOS of whatever this law offers!

After rushing through for first breakthrough and maxing out her artifact skill, she won’t need 6 days to reach the Wild South.

Once she returns, we will figure out a two-week power up course to become demi-god in our advance institution of immortal ascension program. :ullerrm:

In the meantime, here’s a dissection of what the law has to offer:

From a glace, it’s more of a supplement book that provide exceptionally rare stat boost such as BASE STAT, more artifact slot, lots of skill cap increase, and multipliers that will greatly enchant various aspect of a cultivator.

The Yin/Yang version mostly flips the bonus and penalty around. Losing artifacts slots for Spell Primordial Soul would be beneficial for pure spellcaster, and single artifact build of Sunflower.

It’s basically to Auto-cast a designated spell without needing to click the massive grimoire. It’s a good remedy to the tedious nature of loop heal gimmick, but we would need about 15 of these to really become hands off auto-solo for spellcaster.

The law does have this unique art that might further expand the gimmick? I assume this works like we have another artifact that does it owns things or only the law's cultivator can utilize it.

After cherry picking all the good stuff, her combat capability exploded. I assume it’s this high due to multiplying on her cheat base stat.

She has twice the barrier power of our gods. :newlol:

I am glad she went through a bunch of Attainment reduction shenanigan before reaching this point. Even our golden EXP credit cards would burnt to ashes to feed this cheating blackhole. Is it even cheating at this point?

Time for her revenge.

We will start off by destroying their defense system of 20 artifacts.

Seems to be the most optimal thing to do beside insulting their ancestor.

Followed by instant sect wipe attack with her green artifacts going wild.

It’s the special one that splits into 9 pieces, each. :agesilaus:

Don’t forget about explosive spells! All you annoyances can stay down and watch the real show. :flame:

Our princess hit so hard that each strike is a mini-explosion. Please hold while I will get you a gif.

How long can your formation hold against these miniature sunplosion?

On the other hand, it cost a lot of to fuel these explosions.

Can she overcome dozen millions of their leftover total Qi?

:batuka: This will do. She has plenty more healing spells to cover the rest.

It was quite a battle. Her barrier stat wasn’t put to good use since those artifacts drank through her Qi like a thirsty bear.

As for the spoil of war… we are so rich at this point that it’s better to loot these top quality soup for ancestor worship. We will need their help later to raise Big Chun.

Ahh, our first victim is here t- wait, we have to go there? :raise:

It better be a treasure.

:hmmyes: Not bad. These sure are rare and expensive ‘gifts’. Useless to us, but we will take it.