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by Nyaa

Part 227: Day 690-700: World Domination

Our non-teleporter, namely gods and traitor has assembled above the most powerful foe on the continent. They are the final resistance to our path of World Domination.

Thirteen of our greatest Daoist elite will go in. The rest will guard our home and take revenge for us if this raid goes bad.

Why are we bringing only thirteen instead of full capacity?

:hmmyes: Tell me if this isn’t enough to win.

:magemage: This does look a bit uneven.

Very well, we will bring one more to even the number a bit.

Son joins the battle! :dbuddy:

Now then, a good scouting will ensure no one snake sneak away in the grand pounding to come.

A quick system count indicates there are 59 Body Cultivators present. That totally didn’t shatter my confident. :sbahj:

Most of their Elites are pretty strong (by Daoist standard). Challenging 59 of these without a formation or god is suicide.

Not to mention their cheat-like combat capabilities.

We are… extremely ready to… what the hell did they do to make you three so goddamn mad? Holy shit, they are your own kind, you know? Stay absolute still on your formation node, okay? :stonk:

Sure is nice to have our own actual cheat size formation! We have 40 million Qi ready to tank! :madmax:

DLC law does come with a clone, so we do have 15 combatants after all!

Moreover, these fishes are surprisingly advantageous for this battle due to their ultra-low Qi Capacity.

Against body cultivator who can one punch the artifact into zero, these fish may as well become endless walls that swims back to life.

Now to double-beam them at those pesky land-dweller.

Surprise murder that elite I mentioned.

They sure come at us like bees.

Smart of them to pile on our exposed weak point.

We will make all of our nodes invincible.

We suffered minor damage - it won’t happen again.

How is the enemy faring?

Intermediate damage, a few more fish-slap should be enough to knock it down.

Ohh, even better! It must be hard to heal from turning into stone.

Very good, we should be done b-

Why are these lower rank coming back up?

Right, I had forgotten the proper way to fight them.

These roaches will come back alive like our dead fish wall.

Time to steps it up a notch.

Concentrated lasers!

Overkill on a white label rarity unit? No, this damn thing is still alive! Fish it up!


The smug face of a fabulous fish that will end you with blush damage. :blush:

This battle has become boring, let’s nap. :tootzzz:

It took a lot longer since they don’t have a formation to let us crash through for direct victory.

We didn’t bother to hide our exposed weakness since they can't make a dent on our formation with shield spells.

I will assume you worship your ancestor through giant statue, so we will pay our late respect.

Ohh, nevermind! This IS your ancestor!

New decoration for home~ new decoration for home~

What else to loot?

*Sigh* A bunch of trash - Such material possessions are bad distraction for celestial immortals like us. :baduk:

At least they have something decent to fill the bowl of our Outers.

Back at home, we do have some unintelligent wild beasts comes to fill our Outer meal, nothing abnormal.

Oh? We unlocked the ending through one of the few possible achievements. Naturally, we went with the hardest unlock if you don’t count perfect conclusion to the Truth of Taiyi through social mini game.

We will inspect it with our magic brain. :psyduck:

New girl! Go investigate!

We are missing a key component to read this thing.

New girl #2.5, grab the Taiyi Scroll and try it!

Good, we can now go into our trash dump dimension.

New gym boy, go scout and bring back something useful.

It’s that kind of door, huh.

It’s your lucky day, our last goon disciple.

Wait, if you can ride a panda in there, then can’t you ride Nabster in with you? No?

I've never seen the game save twice before.

To be continue