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Part 228: Day 700-0: There's no Season 3

Just a thousand? We killed plenty with that lifespan.

It’s title is Prisoner of Time.

Caught this in the first half of a second. I will assume he hides his real spec or readjusted it to not melt HiKaiser from his super aura.

We can’t attack him because it would cause a time paradox with the sequel.

HiKairser have a LONG conversation with this man known as Fu Pikong. This massive plot dump will be abridged.

We, the Chun genuinely thought this wondrous divine device of intricate design with access to another dimension is a storehouse. :classiclol:

To be fair, it was a really good storehouse.

The two Great Wars of Immortals and Demons from thousand years ago was phallic victory and we are living in a manmade sanctuary to escape from further demon invasion.

HiKaiser was excited to go out to murder some demon. Fu Pikong laughed as we brag about the power level in our world.

Wait, wait, wait, we really raised farmer to god in a single month? It’s canon?

However, due it to rapid advancement in this world, our pathetic foundation would be nothing against the demon.

You mean the cloud's power isn’t cap at one billion outside? :aaa:

So our sanctuary is breaking apart.

Hikaiser then proceed to lost his shit over this ‘Bottled World’ with a fabricated lie from his cowardly ancestors.

Once we decided to open up this realm to the ‘real world’, our cultivation and attainment powered by this realm will be gone, and all of us will have to start over as mortals.

This is grim news indeed. Hikaiser must be eloquent in his recount of the truth of this world to not cause mass panic.


“So… who will stay here and who will go out?”

“Hurray! I contributed nothing and gets to become God! Hell ye-”

“You FOOL! I don’t recall raising such a lazy Chun!”

“If the world is going to end, then we will go out Chun style!” :madmax:

“You there! Go insult and bring home a dragon!”

“We will prove to that Fu-guy that we can handle more than broken cloud!”

“By challenging everything in this world all at once with a Boss Rush!”

Right on time, everyone! Let us begin!

Son, now is not the time for cowardice! Come out and face glory! :pipe:

All Daoist to the bird! Only you can suck that Egg Building dry!

Our Gods will Out-Qi and capture this Pokemon!

Gym Member Event: Bully this god-dragon!

As for the Outers… if any of you survive, you can all graduate.

“Don’t mind me, just passing through to the bird.”

As you can see, our artifacts are 5x faster than lightning.

The Torch Dragon hugs its’ face, probably weeping.

Our gods’ holy artifact arrives to subdue the water type.

Well done. You hit one of the artifact. 20+ more to go. :thumbsup:

Wrapping up tonight’s dinner.

Wrapping up Outer’s lunch.

*Roar of excruciating lower abdomen pain*

*Safe crossing of laser traffic*

Evil clones spawning at our Wonders collection of great cultural importance!

Permission granted to nuke the place.

Nothing of value was lost.

Oops, I forgot to tell our gymnast to Fight Seriously.


After the literal disintegration of the god-dragon, our gymnast thought the other one is part of the event.

Our Daoist going all out to not lose face against their physical brethren.

Hold on, aren’t you all supposed to fight the bird? Where did it go?

How disappointing.

Even the dead face of the dragon is saying “5 Minutes!? I can’t last 5 minutes!?”

Two minutes for your entrance, actually.

Congrats, you all gets to graduate.

“Huh? But I just got here.”

“Follow this 12 steps instruction on what to eat and study to become god in one week.”

“Alright, time to leave and make my own bottle world that will last even longer.”

“No one died? Aww…”

“Ah! A dying person!”

“Witness this miracle, Outer!”

“We will leave you a scar to remember your foolishness.”

Filling the retirement form…


JeffRaze the Fearless bravely ran away.

Shei-kun decided to leave behind her surprisingly powerful artifact to us. Fishes.

“So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!”

FH_Meta came through the Correct Room, and leave through the Correct Room.

Even with the cloud looming on their head, everyone else decided to stay for the new world.

Our Sect Master will be the one to end it all in order to begin anew.


“You have five minutes to become god! Goddamn no poster!

“Hey, can we copy these cool statues to build on our sect? No?”

“Should I have step back from this exploding circle? No?”

Video of Ending Posted by Dev

:hmmyes: All these season 3 futures being denied. Wonderful.

Literal space surfing.

Someone really need to clean up the entrance.

Getting birded on your trip home must be an auspicious sign. :birdthunk:

We are home... why are everything floating on the sky? Is there no ground to live on?

SON! You also came! :dbuddy:

But seriously, what happened to the ground?

We will know in the sequel.

There’s no season 3.

Updating Epilogue and Chun Hall of Fame