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Part 230: Chun Epilogue

Chun Epilogue

Finally, it’s time for the character of greatest paramount to appear! :agesilaus:

The ultimate protagonist, the overpowered author self-insert, th-

The latest game update ruined me! How is it possible to have zero INT as a human!? :pwn:

How can a doctor have such shit stats!? Does a medical degree worth nothing!? Zero INT!?

Unacceptable, I will have to make a few minor adjustments in the custom creation.

:hmmyes: Closes enough to my real self.

At last, the House of Chun - Greatest faction that dominated the cultivation world.

According the informant, I suppose to take the side door to join the cult.

Wow, did they have an epic battle of the century recently? Everything is all broken down.

Ohhh, an ascended one! Please grant me good fortune, FH_Meta!

More ancestors! I can feel the nourishing pressures of immense Qi in this big tree room!

Did an Outer offended some Inners?

What happened to the storage? Only shady looking stuff was left in here.

Wow! It’s the heavenly fruit that make you capable of learning more Daoist esoterica! Hopefully no one notice if I-

“STOP! Do not swallow that!”

I’m sorry! I was just looking!
I’m just warning you about the fruit! There’s a reason no one loot that thing.
Aren’t you here to salvage the ruin?
Ruin? The House of Chun is gone?
They are long gone! Did you live your whole life in a mountain?
I was studying hard for my PHD in Chinese Medicine.
Why bother? We already got spell to cure cancer.
That’s why I am changing career to become a Daoist.
You are too late for that. No mortal can cultivates anymore.
Huh? Why?
Something about the change of the world and the existing cultivators are also losing their power. They can still cure cancer though.

“Actually, there was one rich guy who spent his whole fortune on rare elixirs to meet the bare qualification to kick starts his cultivation.”

“He got instant arthritis at the age of 21.”

“Since there’s no point in running a school anymore, the Immortals of Chun disbanded and went their own ways.”

“Wealthy organization and powerful individuals wanted to redevelop the place, but these immortal statues stopped them. Especially this powerful statue named: Jeff.”

“See this magical fish here? This fish-lady immortal will slaps you for looting things that she deems you not worthy.”

“I am the worthiest for all these precious talismans!” *Grab*

“I told you bro, I told you about the fish!” :screamy:

“What should I do to become worthy?”

“Do some good deeds, help clean up the 'mess' that try to steal forcefully.”

“Great! We shall fertilize the soil!”

“What!? How could you disrespect the dead like that!”

“Is food more important than honoring their death!? We must bury them properly!”

“Alright, let’s build them a grave in this really nice looking building.”

“STOP! That building must not be opened!”

“Expert cultivators has all agree that this building must never be unsealed…”

“Or the world will sink into Great Depression.”

“Fine, we will do it in this strangely decorated room.”

“A doctor burying a body. How tragic.”

“Got to move all these out of the way and use these tree's wood for the grave."

“Oops. At least it didn't broke.”

“I will pick that up later.”

“I think we did something wrong. It suddenly rains.”

“Oh, we forgot to offer our prayers.”

“This should brighten their days. It’s your turn, Sennek!”



“Hey, it’s fine. I smashed its head.” :smugbert:


“Gallbladderrsss…” “Gallbalddersss…” :zombie:


“I-I feel hu-hunger for gallbladder?”

“This place should be safe...”

“What is this floaty red thing?"

“Wow! Look at these spirit roots! I am rich!”

“SPIRIT ROOTS! It’s our only hope to continue our cultivation! TAKE IT!”

“SPIRIT ROOTS! It’s essence is better than gallbladder!”

“Why is there so many zombies!? Not that they are a problem for us powerful cultiva-”


“Nope, nope, nope, I’m out!”

And so, the world fell into a zombie apocalypse where even Buildings are infected. But that’s another story I won’t cover because…

There’s no Season 3.

Final map with Mortal World filter