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Part 233: Cultivation Laws - by SaffronKit

Nyaa posted:

Can you explain why it is called Law? I assume it’s like scientific law that proof how the universe works, and Sunflower Refinement proves (by our ancestors) losing your dong can makes you immortal.

Disclaimer: What I am about to say is pretty much all personal conjecture rather than hard facts from sources I can cite easily/at all.

What are cultivation laws?

This is actually a pretty easy question to answer, cultivation laws are essentially a method or technique to refine and develop one's body /spirit/qi. Typically a cultivation law can be considered the base or framework for development along a specific Dao path and can encompass a range of techniques or skills that can only be used with said cultivation law. They can also range from trash tier to heaven defying in terms of effectiveness and ease of practice. In layman's terms, some cultivation laws are shit. Even if you practice it to perfection and have 100% compatibility with it, golden shit is still shit, ya dig? Conversely, cracked old jade is still jade, and far more valuable than shit.

As a direct response to Nyaa's question, they aren't really a scientific law that proves how the universe works per say, as no real scientific method of development occurs. It's more like a dude stumbling around in a dark room finally finding the light switch and turning it on and yelling "EUREKA! I've discovered how light works!" He then writes down his insights in how he stumbled around in the darkness, found the light switch by probably sheer luck turned it on. And that's the start of a cultivation law.

Basically calling it a law is sort of a misnomer? It's more a law in the sense regulation like governmental laws. Follow this law and achieve success (advancement of cultivation level)! Go outside the law and get punished (qi deviation).

Speculative spoilers for later cultivation levels in the game: Cultivation Simulator's cultivation system appears to be based heavily upon Er Gen's cultivation system in his novels. Essentially, the demimmortal(demigod) and immortal (god) levels are where cultivators start contemplating actual laws of the universe, which are a separate thing from cultivation laws. This explains why demigods and gods prefer a neutral mindset over a positive mindset.