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Part 24: Day 21: Incensed Trade

After moving all metal entertainment item from the Entertainment & Diner room, Hats now have an extremely auspicious room!

The Entertainment & Diner room, however, have this foul air of Feng that is vomit inducing. So it will be deconstructed and everyone will eat at random table like Covski.

Nonono! Don’t eat here!

Slaan is getting a strang-

Arcanuse immediately punch down the wall to break the bad Feng Shui like a snake.

The dining room could use an expansion, and there are sufficient reasons to move the inauspicious sect stone built by Slaan elsewhere. One of them is watching her…

Eh. A few steps down will do. It’s a pain to move the other shit.

Just in time to have a brand new sect stone to welcome summer.

Which mean we need to combat heatwave with thin-clothes. Why is this still under construction!?

In worst case, Hats and Radio Free Kobold can mass produce heat resist charm if necessary.


Wow, a Nascent Soul stage (One stage behind demi-Immortal) cultivator is handling the trade!? This Trade Alliance must be a big deal. Just look at the spike mace she is riding to us! What a grand entrance!

She will only stay for one day! Let’s hurry!

Arcanuse rush forth! There’s no other chance for Outer like him to buy games things for his wife!

Unlike the gift/rep based trade system between sects, trader use item’s point value system.

Which mean there are some mortal living in poverty would buy our days-old pear soup.

Actually, home cooked meal worth nothing for some reason. I guess someone is buying our cursed pear soup for novelty or assassination.

Hmm, an auction would be nice, but we are dirt poor and can’t afford the 100 PV.

This trader gives off a bad impression. We shouldn’t easily trust this so called Trade Alliance.

They do trade Spirit Stone 1 to 1 PV, which is a great deal if we have a lot of junk! (Free stuff like water worth zero)

As for proper things that we could sell, generic product is worth 15 PV.

So it’s best to use all these animal skins that worth 1 PV each to make some clothing.

And put Slaan back on cooking to produce our local specialty.

As for the trader’s expensive items, they are useless or not needed by us for a long while.

The trader does persuade us to buy this ‘Limited Spring Time Event’ dumpling (20 PV) that cause surprises. Two please!

We must distract sect master Hats from destructive impulse.

Hats goes for the Dumpling like a snake going for Brown Rock Scraps. Both taste like S’craps and does nothing.

I want a refund! Don’t pretend you are interested at that frog!

But what can we do? Sect master Hats isn’t strong enough to intimate her and Inner can’t shit anymore to return the product.

The calm minded Happerry then ask: “How much would you buy back the second dumpling?”

Life Lesson: Merchant will reveal an item’s true value on buy-back.

Life Lesson #2: Befriend Merchant.

“Poor idiots like you are not worthy for bargaining! Hahaha!”

The pessimist Kidz barks back at this smug faced Lady Dong and use threatening gestures to warn this Lady Dong to be careful in the future!

The Cult of Bèn remember their grudge well.

So watch your step or you will steps on shit!

Everyone in the Cult of Bèn are greatly incensed! It’s time to go back to our old sect to find some secret manuscript or something for revenge!

Guide us, ancestor! To Yuelun Mountain!

What? We forgot to restore our ancestor's shine in Nanping village!?

Damn. Alright, Sect Master Hats will charm the villager into building a shrine or something. Senior Radio Free Kobold will try his luck at Taiyi Sect’s wreckage.

You will be back, right? Senior?