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Part 25: Day 21: Ancestral Snake Temple

The Cult of Bèn may be weak in might, but the spiritual strength of our ancestor empowered by Feng Shui Snake is not to be trifle with!

To gain the full blessing of our ancestors, there’s no better time than now to offers the heavenly wolf meat to The Snake… with poetry! Such ritualistic acts are no different than forcing the stars of heaven to align in our favor!

Go for it, Arcanuse! Recite the poetry from your soul! Something that help us find treasures!

Nose-pick the tingling nose
Cleanse nose with pickaxe
To fed Male Snake
Clearing grass with full vigor
Thanks to every ancestors
Male Snake circle in excitement
Male Snake sniff and goes away

As part of the ritual, Kaja sings to our tamed Male Snake and leaves it speechless.

At this moment of maximum blessing, our Sad Senior arrived to bury his shame, but he found something of interest…

Wonderful, but you should loot the table too. Our diner could use more antique table.


It seem our pet snake 'fell down to rest' for recovering from the new medicine

The Stone Essence Powder is certainly one of the best remedy for mortal beings.

It’s strong enough to heal the decapitating injury inflicted by the Mysterious Elder who protected us.

Our Feng Shui snake also fell to coma from hunger-HOLD IT!


Our ancestor have spoken. The days of breaking bad Feng Shui is over.

Majority of our brother and sister can feel the great Feng Shui in their room. They can sleep well and feel amiable with others, as if we are all blessed by heaven.

Kaja, the Snake Singer is entrusted with the holy duty of dealing the final blow to our bad Feng Shui! SHATTERS!

In its place, this spot shall become a sacred sanctuary hence forth known as Holy Snake Pit of the Ancestor Hall!

This is such a momentous occasion to cheers with joy! Tragically, Covski the mute wishes he can recite poetry and sing the song of the other countries he traveled! If only the sect master would let him born anew with the Soul Rebirth Elixir…

Alas, he is merely a common laborer who strives to one day become someone that matters and fly across the world to visit various places for sightseeing and adventure.

Contented with his daydream, Covski pats away the dusts on his rugged clothes and toils on for the great pyramid organization that is the Cult of Bèn.

On top of this pyramidal hierarchy, lies our esteem Ancestors who must be respected. However, their wonderful blessing must be earned.

You could say our wonderful ancestor are jobs creator.

Their sacred spirit deserves the best and lives in big, haunted manor - This structure of great veneration shall be named The Doom House... or if someone can come up with a better name.

We will send a representative to rebuild the place and turn this place into a sacred tourist attraction.

But who would temporary give up their precious time of cultivation to handle mortal concerns if not for our ancestor?

Who is willing to manage the sacred site where the shrine of our ancestors resides?