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Part 26: Day 22: Mortal's Affairs

No one wanted to go back to the mortal world. Most of us wanted to cultivates to become GOD, it’s what they went through all these hardship these 22 days! Alas, the random straw elected Kidz to rebuild the ancestor manor.

Kidz is actually one of the best candidate due to her familiarity commoner and charisma of the nobility. She understands the sad life of people, and know the pain of being too late to get that charming and brilliant gamer.

She suggested Slaan to go handle the Ceremonial Restoration since she is big sister and all. Kidz hinted she would leave as fast as possible before our ancestors’ spirit leave the place.

Regrettably, having the lowest luck stat (2.0) amongst the sect can only lead to this conclusion.

Farewell, and please get rid of that rotting smell in the spooky manor.

Kidz could use some spirit stone on her trip, but we don’t have enough to spare for her.

We will call you back someday…

When we have a spare manager after taking over every other city.

To impressive the mortals, we need to rebuild our sect stone at a nice location. This time with expensive and pretty stone.

Putting it in the Maze of Penitent would test the willpower of new hires as they circle into the certer of the maze to pleads for invitation, but it would be a pain for everyone else to get in there.

The most logical place would be placing it in the ancestor hall for them to also pray to our ancestor at the same time. This require expanding the temple, which is on schedule to do so.

Summer is gradually increasing the overall temperature as we speak. It’s fine outside, but spending a long time in hot place like kitchen or forge would be bad.

It’s time to make a bunch of loose and breathable clothing.

Kidz’s initial assessment of the Most Fragrance Palace is surround by forestry, which can produce infinite amount of wood to our sect overtime. Unless we misread her report.

Speaking of local produce, the awful merchant has left before we can sell Slaan’s masterpiece.

The ancestral temple has to become bigger due to the slight miscalculation of Earth Sect Stone mismatch with Spirit Wood Ancestor Table, but we can harmonize them by putting something with Fire element in between them.

Our ancestor is clearly pleased with our plan.

Sect master Hats returns just in time to enjoy the good weather.

Radio Free Kobold sneaked back in to find a trouser. No one know how he lost it.

But we don’t have time for him to waste his lifespan on finding a pants, so he is going to search in Taiyi Sect’s junkyard.

Along the way, he visited another sect master without his pants as a power move.

Welcome representative of the Cu-are you-
It is exactly as you thought.
Did you chance upon a bandit?
Not at all, ma’am. This one is simply in a rush to serve the Cult of Bèn.
That is commendable, but surely you can afford time for-
I have two years of lifespan left.
M-my apology!
It’s fine. For this one bears a gift of hard rock scrap...

It is a blazing sun, strong like a dragon,
Dense like fog as it hide,
Frustrated for a training partner,
‘He’ can be wild as a boar.

I know well that my thatched hut is very low and small,
Because of that, the swallows on the river often come.
The bits of mud they bring in their mouths get into my zither and books,
And trying to catch the flying insects, they drive them into me.

- By Du Fu, Jueju Free Mood, No. 3 of 9 (I Know Well That My Thatched Hut)