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Part 27: Day 23-24: Cult's Affairs

Purple Cloud School have good material for trade. Black textile for clothing, marble and jade for pretty buildings, parasol wood for higher tier wooden construction, and a bunch of useful elixirs. This is a good sect to chummy up unlike Rosy Cloud Grotto.

The best way is to find out the sect master’s favorite gift. Know her other secret would be useful for optionally shady method to obtain clues of the culprit and ‘partway’ with their rare possessions.

The most reliable way to get rare items, however, is adventuring with the right person for the job. This is the second news of a special place that need inner student of with very high resistance against heat. Someone with fire element law and a couple of fire resist charm will usually be enough to survive 500 C or 932 F.

Now is a good time to make a few fire resist charm for those who can’t handle the summer heat.

10 C… we are 1/50 of what is needed to challenge those molten zone. :kingsley:

But decent enough to move people back into their comfort zone.

Especially when our clothings are as good as rags.

We might have to move all beds into the fridge room in the supernatural worst case scenario. The room below is a planned expansion of the warehouse, but it could turn into a decent emergency heat shelter.

Of course, such cautious are unneeded with our ancestors are watching us sleep our back. Unless we displeased them and stole our heart in sleep.

But that shouldn’t happen all a full Earth-Metal room for everyone. These rooms will continues to evolve overtime until it is worthy of giving a designated name of its inhabitant. Or we might go full barrack depends on how things goes.

Arcanuse wasn’t happy with his room lacking gaming items like Hats’ room, and Slaan have a fight with him over these overly wasteful expenditures. If only Kidz is here to remedy this situation.

At least he didn’t knock her down like the wall at the diner.

Everyone hated the torn down wall and the poopy smell that flows in while they are eating. So be it, this place will have one inefficient door to preserve good Feng Shui for now.

This concludes the current construction plan for the next few days.

Slaan have returned to the place he once fled away from the raid.

If only he has time to loot everything, then he won’t need to come back here. The great sadness of stopping by Purple Cloud School lingers.

Thankfully, all the good stuffs are well hidden and he retrieved the other four cultivation laws of Taiyi Sect ceremonially while butt-naked.

Oh no! Did Rangxi send an elder to check on him!? Did she know about this-hot-one flirting with the other sect’s leader!?

He hasn’t recover his confident to pull another power move and it’s bad to be caught with his pants down!

After he relays the news upon returns, everyone agrees this Yue Qing Chou is suspicious and can’t possibly be pursuing Radio Free Kobold for his futile love affairs.

At the interval, Kidz have settled down at the Most Fragrance Palace.

It will now produce goodwill that we will quantify as ‘Influence’ and accumulate whatever they made there and rarity someone might stumble upon.

Policy affects the various aspect of the administration, but they cost resource to enact. We should be saving our wheat for winter this year.

People will gradually forget about us if we don’t do something productive for their attention, so we will run Charity and hope they will produce some for us to ‘bribe themselves’?

Back to the cultivation laws we found. Each of them have some pro and con with different method of ascension into an immortal. We will go into detail whenever someone is ready and have a matching affinity for the requirement.

Most of us are half way done unless we want to goes all out like Radio Free Kobold.

It’s ideal to have a 3rd inner at this point, but we shouldn’t build their house until we know what element they are going for.

But we definitely should get more manpower for investigation of the culprit.

And killing this thing.

*Gasp* HATS! HATS!




Right after our Jade Sect Stone is built in the ancestor temple!

All of Hats' brain cell EXP is going towards treasure refining! This shit must succeed!

Hats failed, but he learned a lot more about how to refine shit, and pretty much got a full refund for his brain cell. Alas, his mental state is too low to have a chance at succeeding, but there will be many more shit in the future to try again.