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Part 28: Day 24: Land Administration

Radio Free Kobold returns on a bow, you know, so that anyone who looks up can get a full view.

To the relief of everyone’s eyestrain, he needed to wear a pants (for a while) to restore his confidence.

Our diner is now very auspicious! Adding more furniture into it actually lowers the grade, so we will leave it plain and simple.

The extra table will have to go somewhere with beautiful scenery…

Like the fridge room for some reason. Nice place for summer with all these herbal aroma. :420:

On the other end of extreme temperature, someone got in the 300 500 C place. Good for them.

Placing a furniture into the enclosed storage fridge will turn it into a ‘room’ from Feng Shui perspective. The items on the ground contributes to the clutter penalty.

Our internal food situation may be fine, but we don’t have wheat for Kidz to organize charity.

Maybe there is something else we can do about this? The flag is clickable…

Oh… the Most Fragrant Palace got a village map, and these empty spaces are for specific buildings.

Our palace is the local HQ that enables policy and maybe raise the building caps. Upgrading it should allow us to make more interesting policy. However, the upgrade is costly and requires 25000 believers.

So we will build one farm for charity loop and one lumber mill to generate wood for future construction.

The startup cost of 50 wood for each building will requires deforestation at home.

As for Kidz, she would not be able to handle any of those four event type, but we can send ten more disciples to boost it up. No one has time for that.

Finally, we have this page that is relevant for Divinity Cultivation – A cultivation method that is highly dependent on faith instead of individual capabilities.

Non-divinity cultivator can collect these faiths for comprehension point instead.

Radio Free Kobold will go collect some faiths for comp points and maybe triggers some event. He has pants this time.

As for Hats in his extremely auspicious room, we don’t know why he is taking forever to recovers his mental trauma of losing his manhood.

It can’t be the bad food Slaan and her husband made…

For now, it’s best to send him out to cool off until we can make some anti-depression drugs. He will go to the nearby mountain to chop off those strong and sturdily erected woods for the village buildings.