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Part 29: Day 25: Pandemic Investigation

It’s risky to send out all of our inner without leaving anyone to defend us. It would be bad if an unfriendly baddies were to appear instead.

This is a guest type visitor where they will relish upon our hospitality for the next four days. They will spread good word for reputation if they are satisfied by our accommodation.

She will stay in Radio Free Kobold’s room then.

By the way, her actual Max Qi is 118,701.

Look at this Qi density! Golden Core are goddamn powerful! Hats and Radio Free Kobold only have around 700.

Radio Free Kobold is the only cultivator that could try to catch up in cultivation without mind crushing.

Therefore, he will grab those comprehension exp for skills.

Great! It’s one-to-one conversion!

He will check back next time for this ‘new location’ event.

It didn’t take long for Hats to gather the resources.

He’s an expert in cutting wood.

Alright, Radio Free Kobold is back at the village for the new location event-

Uhm… we definitely need to deal with this before it forces everyone to self-quarantine for months!

Inner don’t get sick, right? Radio Free Kobold only have two years left anyhow.

Some text got cut off. The cultivator at the gate is from Kunlun Palace, and we both did it! :angel: (They didn't become competitor in our village)

Hats returns once more with his pile of woods. This time, he have a very important mission.

Invite this nice old golden core lady. We must not let Radio Free Kobold get to her first.

Use everything you learn in your past to recruit her!

What did you said to her, Hats!? Or is there something in our sect that is causing this issue!?

Hats tries to skateboard-flip with his long and sturdy sword, but failed to impress.

Oh well, friend zone it is.

Hats knows how to properly address someone stronger than him. An important etiquette for good first impression.

Goodness, she’s already spilling secret on the subsequent inquiry.

She might know what we saw at our old sect.

This is the first time she heard details about it, so we can probably rule her out.

We do need to know more about this person who shows up at the site while Radio Free Kobold has his pants out.

This is going to be a long investigation…

Hats is done with his weekly conversation quota. :effort:

Sea Watcher is a seaside city, so having mist should be normal unless you are around Innsmouth. :cthulhu:

A lot of things is happening lately. Although we are still neutral, it shouldn’t hurt to visit a place filled with people from Just sect.

What a coincident, Hats will go back to the same mountain where he got his wood!