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Part 30: Day 26: Low Effort Social Benefits

Our Ancestral Snake Temple is looking good. Ancestors watching from the table, and Feng Shui Snake bros watching your back while they embraces each other.

Lynneth is praying hard, hoping her absolutely horrendous stat will get her somewhere.

It’s so bad that our the ancestor need a buff on the temple to bless this pitiful disciple.

Behold, the decoration statue of our ancestor make with fire copper ingot! It will take a while to build this for sure.

Speaking of hotness, someone got to the other 500 C location. Good for them. Whatever you found there can’t be as good as our Fire Ancestor Statue! :smith:

Radio Free Kobold, show the world that we can make treasure on the go!

We will show them someday!

Dusk approaches and it’s time to sleep, which mean everyone will return to their room except Radio Free Kobold.

He will go get some sea breeze while his room is being occupied by the guest. He has his pants for this trip.

Hats arrived just in time to investigate the Just sect activity.

It’s doubtful whether a group of highly powerful beings would need any help from Hats, but it’s better than suicidal attack.

Handsome Hats really pleased these elders. He should stays outdoor from now on. :stare:

But that’s after he return home to make a breakthrough to the next cultivation stage. Good heavens, why bother training when you have some old folks giving you life-hacks.

Dragon, huh? That’s right where Vermillion Dawn Grotto sect is located. Maybe Hats can get permission to investigate.

Hats is home.

He will be breaking the first of three stages – Laughing Girl.

Unfortunately, his state of mind is still too sad to laugh, so he only has 10% chance if he try it now

No one have enough alchemy skill to make those anti-depression drug.

He will have to look around for someone to sell it on his way to those dragon carving. Let's visit a couple of sects to see what they got.

Gift.. takes effort. :effort:


Nothing useful. Nothing affordable.

We do have good relation with Kunlun Palace due to the pandemic.

Here’s some one healroot to remind us of our struggle during the medical crisis. :effort:

I know.

Ohh, they have that earth spirit root thing for sale. Too bad we are too poor to afford anything.

These desperate socialization is futile. Let's just go straight for the evil lust cult. If they don’t have some happy pill, then Hats is done. :effort:

Good morning, I heard you like hoe.

Of course, you would only accept the best. How shortsighted of me. :colbert:

These are some dark kinky stuff.