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Part 31: Day 27: Hot Ancestor

I rage quit forgot to save last time, so this is what we will deal with.

Which is practically the same as depressed mood. No one can be calm with that kind of typo.

Dammit, everyone’s been sweeping ever since we build the road.

It’s not worth the trouble!

They do look good at the farm.

Look at the turtle casually stroll down our street, aww. :kiddo:

More importantly, we need a third inner. Someone to kill Hats in case he snaps. Slaan is the only one with qualifying stat to learn one of the cultivation law.

Would she be interested in learning the Great Bear Piercing Heart Law? There are enough outers to take cares of each other.

Arcanuse can keep producing our local specialty without failure.

Speaking of local specialty, we can instantly collect the local harvest from the Most Fragrance Palace and begin the charity loop.

Or spent influence to boost productivity, which we won’t.

If Slaan remain adamant in taking care of her fellow brothers and sisters, Kaja is the next candidate with suitable stat to learn Three Sun Refining Law, but this laws can kill her if she is not careful.

Maybe the fire ancestor can help?

Praise be the decorative statue of our Fire Lord Ancestor! Both snakes raise their head in reverence!

These snake bros are good boy and deserve a treat in this ceremonial occasion.

Now to wait for a sign from the ancestor. Some sort of eye twitch, itching, sudden dullness, or talking to self could be it.

There are indeed a lot of events recently.

If only we can do this to inner. That would make our culprit investigation so much easier.

Did you hear the echoes of our ancestor? Radio Free Kobold will check it out.

We need to make our ancestor pleased to the extreme with jade tile floor and…

Jade roof.

It aches the heart of our big sister who used to manage a thieves’ hideout to see all of our wealth going up the roof drain.

Her throat itches from screaming about the wastefulness of this endower while laying down the jade floor.

Oh… it’s just a bunch of cultivator trying to find wisdom in a caveman painting

Hats should have had chat with other cultivators for life-hacks instead.

It’s time for our guest to leave. Has it been four days already?

She is satisfied… right?


Oh no! Our ancestor is too hot for them!

Like her husband, Slaan punch down the wall to save the snake. Maybe we do need her to take care of the sect after all.


But nobody’s home. Maybe we DO need Slaan or Kaja to become an inner.

Now, back to the heat issue in our Ancestral Snake Temple. Expanding the building one-tile left should be enough to spread the internal heat. We will deal with the symmetry later…

Slaan took down them with amazing speed. Like 0.5 seconds per wall.

Ancestor temple expanded.

Not cool enough.

Alright. New and unconventionally Avant-garde design: We will merge it with the diner, and we will name this temple - Dining with Ancestor.