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Part 34: Day 30-32: Outer Combat

After long consideration of where to setup those fireworks for having triple inner, it is decided to place them near the Maze of Penitent where Slaan was enlightened.

Many would consider such placement to be hazardous to Hats’ house, but it is a brick house, and he deserve a wake-up call to go breakthrough already.

Seventh brother from Taiyi Sect!?

Hats immediately flew there to avoid greater responsibility and potential house fire. :derp:

Back to home temple improvement. The roof looks good, but doesn’t go well with the jade floor color? Is jade a good idea at all?

Anyhow, it might look better if we put more furniture to covers them.

But first, the dining table will be moved to free up space and have a spectacular view of the new snake pit while eating noodles.

Our wheat matured just in time for the noodle ingredient!

But it took a whole month and absolutely not worth the effort! We can easily get them from the Most Fragrance Palace instead!

Speaking of their local tribute, we went a bit too hard on our surrounding forest.

Everyone can go off this job for a log long time. Well, except Bliss. Newcomer has to do the tough jobs as per tradition.

Which mean we can take down the lumbermill and make another farm instead.

We won’t need this waste of space at home anymore.

Back to temple improvement. The odd colored wall is a mess due to abiding the rule of Feng Shui mess will be covered by bookshelves that records all skills and recipes transcribed by anyone who bothers to do it. Some skill took more than one scroll, so 700 scroll ‘slots’ should be adequate.



Just you wait till Slaan is back!

Arcanus performs emergency treatment he learned from a doctor simulation game!

What!? NOW!?

Bear on the north,
Barbarian on the south,
Bad on the middle?

None of our inners will be back in time!

Maybe Hats would make it back in time depends on when the enemies decide to strike.

It would suck if they strike while everyone is sleeping.

This time we are dealing with an Assassin Warrior old lady.


This is it. Now is the time to prove we can all survives without Slaan. Who will be our champion against the invader and/or bear?

Supposing there would be a brave champion, know that we got your temporary-type injuries covered.

Let’s go ever further: Anyone who solos either the bear or two of those invader and emerge victorious, will get to live in this Private Jade Room! That’s even better than Radio Free Kobold’s room!

Or room of your chosen material! Fire/Water room requires adjustment.

Actually, forget about soloing the bear! Holy shit! Bliss actually knocks it down with her legendary weapon! What a power play from the newcomer! But you are still on the logging list as per tradition!