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Part 35: Day 32: Invasion of the Warrior Assassin Bear

The formulation of the historical battle plan is complete. A great battle known to many as the Invasion of the Warrior Assassin Bear. It is the glorious day where we fought back against the invaders from the south and their bear reinforcement from the north. A deadly pincer skirmish plotted by the Great Enemy for months in preparation.

It all started from an unexpected ambush by the Male Bear at the Field of Lotus during high noon. The surprise attack gravely injuries to Bliss – The lady of Lotus, as she was planting lotus at the unfortunate time of encounter. Arcanuse was the only witness to account for the scene after the great battle: Both Bliss and the Male Bear went down epically in coma.

In haste, Arcanuse carries The Lady of Lotus back to the barrack for surgery. She suffered multiple bone fractures and severe case of claw slashes.

Later autopsy of the Male Bear reveals evidence of Lady Bliss pounded the bear so hard that it’s bone was Powderized. One can only imagine how goddamn amazing of a battle it must has transpired.

As a person who survived the raid of a wolf pack that destroyed his village, Happery immediately rushed to end the root of the problem before the Male Bear regain consciousness and heal itself with environmental-qi-bullshitary.

He was correct in his assessment of the Male Bear’s capability. It has potential that surpasses mortal being (13.05 vs 10 caps), and there is no doubt that this animal can become a demon or guardian of the forest in the future.

As for the southern invader, there are lying in wait for the Male Bear's assault into the heart of the Cult of Bèn. Little do they know that their reinforcement was forcefully stopped with pure brute force by The Lady of Lotus.

Moreover, their plan for surprise attack was ruined by the alarm bell to gathers everyone into the safe haven of the Dining with Ancestor.

Even the injured Bliss knows the temple/diner is the safest place in the sect and limped slowly towards safety.

Everyone arrives hurriedly in shock and surprise as someone shouted, “THIS IS NOT A DRILL! I REPEAT! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!”

Someone asked if big sister Slaan would be home in time to repel the enemy, and would the low quality wall of the temple be able to stall for that long.

“No.” Arcanuse, one of the primary builder answered. “Me and my wife can punch down two of these shitty wall per second.”

Blaze Dragon licked his lips nervously before he spoke his mind. “Okay, I was really worried that everyone was going to die there for a moment.” He was referring to the lotus plantation.

Bliss, who heard the conversation as she limps into the broken wall of the temple shouted. “I survived! But I can't chop wood for a while!”

Arcanuse also licked his lips because the dinner smell really good, but that did not distract him from contemplating what should we do as he stares at the bell, hoping for the ancestor to give them guidance.

Then he heard it. Someone shouted his name, it sounded familiar, could be his wife or ancestor, and it tell him to fight. Be brave like his wife, be gender equality.

A surge of bravery explodes from within Arcanuse, and he charges out the temple after shouting, “FOR GENDER EQUALITY!”

This brave chivalrous man dashes gallantly across the battlefield with an iron sword in hand.

Along with wooden pixaxe and axe to covers slash and pierce type damage against enemy weakness. He knew his knowledge from gaming will be useful someday.

Unknownst to the counterattack, the bored invade sits down to admire a piece of rock. That is a fatal mistake.

However, it's actually a feint from the seasoned assassin who gets close-in to strike within his weapon range.

Unfazed by the additional enemy, Arcanuse believes in himself and sword-against-barefist.

It was such an epically long battle that Sect Master Hats had sent back message about his journey to find our seventh brother.

The battles intensify as injuries upon injuries begins to pile up on the fatigued body.

It must have been 300 exchanges of blows against each other’s.

Arcanuse’s battle was so remarkable that the ancestor shines a sky light onto this Hero of Bèn.

Hats in the meantime, feels like splitting the adventure into two parts because it’s too much effort to give chase. :effort:

A crane flew by the battlefield to shows the favor of the ancestor towards Arcanuse. The very bird that symbolize longevity blesses upon the hero without reserve.

To ensure Arcanuse is not dead after getting his ass kicked.

It was a good fight.

Embolden by the Arcanuse’s bravery and the supernatural message from the ancestor, everyone decided to team up to repel these warrior assassin. There’s no doubt that Arcanuse must have gravely injured them after such a long fight!

Everyone charges towards the direction where the crane flew from and pinpoint the exact location with the help of the sunny spotlight shines from the sky.

A mob battle of numbers ensured.

... and we absolutely fked them up in a few seconds. Arcanuse must have really tired them out.

At least he didn’t get his ass whooped for nothing.