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Part 36: Day 33: Temperament of the Ancestor

Arcanuse managed to get up like a true Male. It’s a pain in the ass, but he did it after great exertions equivalent to Hats’ one-year worth of effort.

Who knows how long it would take for someone to find him in the wild. He could bleed to death with that severe cut of his.

Happerry knew it can’t be far to keep searching towards the direction where the crane came from.

The longevity bird would lead him to saving his friend and he would carry him from the depths of hell like a true Male.

Arcanuse is a great Male who cheered him on during the dark times of megahut.

Their eventually meeting was awkward in contrary to their expectation.

Nevertheless, after witnessing the severe flooding of the red sea across the land like a dam that was shattered by fist, Happerry insists to carry him back to his bed.

Arcanuse perceives Happerry as someone who lacks social understanding due to his Troubled Heart and trauma from the wolf raid in the past. He refused the offers to carry him home.

However, Happerry INSISTS that a true male would carry his friends who have five out of seven wounds that will worsen overtime!

Unable to refute the seriousness of the situation, Arcanuse reluctantly accepts the manly offering of a fellow true Male. But, he does not want piggy-back or wedding-style carrying, so he holds onto Happerry’s leg and drag through the ground like a true Male.

Male Snake Style!

Our ancestor approves.

Now, onto the spoil of war!

Both of them have bad quality clothes and one Iron Chakram. Each should worth a penny in trade…

Does those pennies worth all these scar on Arcanuse? Yes.

Our Male Snake have scar too.

What the!? One of them woke up and trying to steal our junk treasure!

He must have sneak through the hole of our temple wall! That sneaky Male!

The Male Thief died staring at how poor our sect is and his last thought was pondering if it’s worth the scar to steal them. No.

Honestly, that alchemy manual is more important than those spirit stone. So we will transcribe it into the library permanently.

And make sure this one is-ah, very good. Straight to the farm, we can make better clothes than yours.

Once again, Hats sneaked back home without anyone knowing to avoid responsibility. He rummages for things that would save him a trip to the kitchen or elsewhere.

That thief was too poor to have anything useful for Hats, so he can only pick the easiest task to avoid greater responsibility.

To transcribes all he had learned. No promise on the quality.

Goddamn it, Hats! You are slacking in the ancestor temple!

Look at the Feng Shui of our main attraction!

*Sigh* There’s no other choice. We have to temporary move the decorative statue of our ancestor elsewhere, so that they don’t see Hats slacking.

Let’s put it next to the fireworks so they can watch it with us during the cerebration.

They can also watch Hats in his sleep while heating up the room like an oven.

Road will be pave for the path towards the ancestor and fireworks.

All the way to the actual fire-element oven house for earth-element cultivation, and the cancellation of jade house. Bliss was close to earning the prize, but this amazing Female did not land the killing blow to the Male bear. We will declare it as a draw in respect to gender equality.

Speaking of the bear at the lotus plantation, it’s soaking in the lotus flavor.

Both Male Snake are getting the honor of first bite of the meat.

The bear hides should be perfect for winter clothing.

Speaking of winter, this bell also need to move until the temple wall is sealed to stabilize the temperature.

Yes! Perfect! We can ring the bell when it’s time for everyone to watch the fireworks!

It would seem our ancestor on the outside is broadcasting how badass we are at murdering those invaders, and now people is asking us to be assassin fighter.

Slaan and Radio Free Kobold are too far to take the job.

Normally, we would have ignore taking jobs with known danger, however, there are three compelling reasons to do so:
1) Our ancestor calls for it.
2) It’s good for sect relation.
3) It is the ‘wood’ mountain that Hats visited so often.

But that will be on hold due to the lesson we learned: One inner stays home at all time.

Good timing. We need treasure and Radio Free Kobold have high luck.

… an unfinished treasure with a lock that needs to be ‘refined’ to unlock!?

Even our ancestors are enflamed by the nonsensical security.

Ancestors! Please stop inflaming the fire with your 200 C body! You might really burn down Hat’s house at this rate!

ANCESTORS! :supaburn:

Your disciples are getting scalded!

Our hemostatic pill supply are plunging! :f5:

Arcanuse ponders why he can’t even rest for half a day. Was the ancestor messing with him this whole time?

Covski ponders if he has joined a highly dangerous and self-destructive cult. He wants to go home.

Hats ponders when Radio Free Kobold will be back. He is very nervous with the thought of sleeping next to angry ancestor.

Let’s calm down our raging ancestor with a calming cool bell next to it.

Kaja! You are using up those hemostatic pill you made yourself!

Time to upgrade the kitchen from wood to stone.

While Kaja is inheriting Slaan’s legacy of kitchen burning, our latest inner is also returning home empty-handed.

Indeed, but pleasing ancestor and conforming Feng Shui is even harder.

Alright Hats, you really need to please our ancestors with a breakthrough now.

Everything are aligned in your favor.

Thank goodness you are getting 1/3 of your breakthrough done.


Two more to go until it matters. Places your bets on the next series of fail attempts.

Oh no! Slaan found the virus spreading to the mainland!

Thankfully, we are well prepared and have the magic cure. No one need to stay home and play with their birds. :911:

Oh ho! Thanks to the miraculous salvation we brought to the city, we have enough influence to get them to join our cult! Looks like Slaan isn’t coming back empty-handed after all!

We will take over the Coiling Serpent Stronghold. The furthest city on the map, but it will be our best city.

Since Covski is second guessing his stays in the Cult of Bèn, and he’s a mute who enjoys traveling the world, we have no doubt he would volunteers if he can voice about it.

What would be the name of our greatest establishment to date?