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Part 38: Day 35: Celebratory Sorrow

Let’s talk about the local environment and living condition of our outer students.

Everyone are eating variety of flour-based food like variety of noodles, mandarin bun, and optionally consume raw-meat like a snake.

Our local specialty is a rare product made from momentary sparks of burning inspiration in our kitchen. Many outer students expressed their wishes for such quality to be consumed by the most revered inner student of the Cult of Bèn.

The medical specialty would be these magic shroom. Only one managed to fully grown and mature under the best spirit soils. The rest should be ready within a week.

But we won’t be planting the spirit root that Radio Free K-where did, oh, the sprite didn’t load. Phew. :sweatdrop:

As for the other three cosmetically-planted herbs, they will take much longer outside of those precious spirit soils. Due to the normal soil quality where they were planted and the fluctuation of temperature (Optimal: -30 C to 40 C) during summer and winter, their growth might be delayed to next year.

Our wheat farm is slowly being fallowed for future building expansion.

The real farm is this divine haven for frogs and turtles. These lotuses doesn’t take up land space, have the highest aesthetic value among all plants. Its' mild tasting and pleasantly sweet flavor makes it a great substitution for Pear Soup. Blood was shed on this field.

Facing the grand view of the lotus farm is our Maze of Penitent – a humane rehabilitation maze for one to reflect upon themselves.

From dawn to dusk, all outer gets to sleep 7 hours, practice their foundation twice a day, three meals of whatever it is in the fridge, and 12 hours of work time.

Did I heard a complain? Maybe I didn't mention the maze is slightly cursed? No one would want to get lazy unless they are the boss on the top.

They are the ever-busy leader who works tirelessly on numerous excavation/business flight trip to bring the Cult of Bèn towards a better future.

Naturally, these room of the inner-bosses are filled with luxurious and expensive products merely decorated for impressing the guest and not for personal amusement.

Meanwhile, the outers are assigned to sleep in these highly efficient and Feng Shui positive four-beds barrack room to build up camaraderie among each other. Everyone are randomly assigned a bed in respect to gender equality.

There is some exception to the bed assig-

No, that wouldn’t be fair for everyone. Arcanuse must sleep elsewhere and not to bother our hardworking elite.

Lastly, we have the Dining with Ancestor temple/diner that is under constant renovation to adjust the Feng Shui. All these troubles will ensure the sect is well protected under the watchful eyes of our ancestors.

Everything is fine.

Now then, it’s finally time to make a lot of loud noises in celebration of continuing venture into becoming a recognized sect in the Cultivative Industry.


It may be dinner time for all of you, but it’s better than using your sleeping time! :whip:

Now let’s see how well these special fireworks that Radio Free Kobold brought home from another world will do!

Sect master Hats personally lit them to make sure his house doesn’t catch on fire. Always keep in mind of firework safety!

A magic mouse leading a group of spring elves(?) has arrived! :stonklol:

YEAH! :roflolmao:

Whatever it is doing, YEAAAAH!! :dance:

Is it blessing our Maze of Penitent?

Yes, steps on our lotus for good luck(?)

Slaan dances along in celebration!

Everyone is having a good time!

Happerry also come out to watch because he can’t sleep!

Except Kaja. She can’t wait for this to end. :geno:

Beside hating the loud noise as a musical genius, her veterinarian knowledge taught her to stays away from disease transmitting rodent.

Everyone else believes it’s good luck to eat food that a magic mouse and its elves stepped danced on.

Now is certainly the perfect time to create a treasure!

The… perfect time?

Ah ha! Good timing to lighten up the moody celebration!


Covski might have to trend carefully.

It’s very generous of those evil sects to let us build on their turf.

These aren’t farm and lumber mill. :confused:

So a public torture show?

Spy center to triple down on the chaos.

The standard attraction.

Non-outer mortal workforce?

We will go with temple and torture show to entertain the local.

It is done. The heaven darkens in our sorrowful hours of happiness, and the earth shakes in anticipation for the birth of a powerful relic.

Also known as Marijuana :420: