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Part 39: Day 36: Day of Most Fragrance

Slaan is ready. She and the other shitlords of our sect will be the most fragrance protectors who will repels all invader with their mightily permeating aura.

They will all stays home to cultivate unless something requires their attention… didn’t we have one of such task?

Ah, yes. The gatherings of the elders. Hats will save a lot of cultivation time if he could get them to teach him some lifehack, and Hats is all about taking shortcuts.

Radio Free Kobold also need to get some darksteel for… ancestor?

However, he is still recovering from his shattered confidence and refused to meet another nice old lady.

… not unless he can replicate Hats’ success and show off a powerful brown rock scrap.

Naturally, hunger killed that 20% chance.

While Radio Free Kobold is eating noodles, Hats is going straight to the gathering of EVIL.

This is a difficult choice for our sect master. It would be beneficial to help them, but associating with evil sect might be a bad idea and we might gain an evil reputation? The most worrying part is the golden core ‘recommendation’.

We will repeat this another time if Hats really wants to go for it. This is a clear reason that everyone needs to stay home and get stronger.

To speed up the cultivation process, we need elixir and other mind-alteration substances.

Interesting, we got a rare harvest of purple shroom.

Every inner shall consume one lingzhi from here on, so I don’t need to keep track of it.

Since this herb can be harvested endlessly by waiting for its maturity, there’s no reason to get rid of our mushroom farm :350:

Our temple and the public torture court are ready at the f the coiled snakes shrine. :toughguy:

Two new policy become available. Perhaps telling people to abandon their evil way will persuade people to quit their membership abandon our evil competitors? Unfortunately, we can’t afford the influence for neither of them.

Building up membership with charity would take forever and very wasteful of our precious wheat.

Lacking any good alternative, we will have to tore down our new buildings and test out the spy and recruitment option.

Slaan is pissed by our wasteful expenditure, but what can we do? A starter sect like us who know nothing about the world of cultivation have to learn from trial and error. The path of cultivation is very expensive. You could buy a manor in the mortal world with that purple mushroom.

Thankfully, mama-bear Slaan have three great secret arts at her current stage.

She is your big sister who can heal your (pierced) heart and calm you down.

She will become more in tune to the relaxing fragrance of her treasure, and slowly opens up her mind into great intellect. :prepop:

Comprehending that one skill alone was enough to calm her down.

Big sister, please write down this skill so that your little brothers can learn it.

Now then, let’s test this out.

On her plaything husband.

Two seconds later…


It must be the fragrance of her treasure.

In the meantime, both of her brothers learned the art of :420:

Let’s heighten our mind into a higher realm with these magic shroom. :shroom:

In fact, everyone will get on this shit in their room.

Just look at how happiness can leads to longer lifespan by three years!

We finally found something to use our precious jade on. Big sister Slaan would approves.

Ancestor! You get the big one! Let’s fill our Feng Shui full of indica fragrance!

Yes! Let’s go all out with this decorative caldron in the kitchen for brewing nice smelling stuff!


This series of enlightened reasoning is clearly going well for us, so we shall continue this path of fragrance! :sun:

Ancestor! Please bless this charm with great fragrance! :420:

Something is happening in our Most Fragrance Palace!

This impeccable timing can only mean Kidz have to use his charm!

Almost occurring simultaneously, our spy and recruitment centers are ready for service.

Recruitment center was a disappointment. This is simply too costly for finding good candidates.

But they will be overly excited to join us if we spend our influence to let them smell our fragrance.

Instead, stealing worshippers with our :420: is the more practical choice, but we will implement that after we are done spending influences to get other cities into our most fragrant hands. :yum:

Yet, these hands of ours are not capable of producing the charm of great fragrance, but we can tell it is helpful for mass producing indica treasure.

It seems our fragrance have attracted a bunch of weaponless addicts.

Two escaped criminals who appreciates the sensual stimulus of ‘art’. :350:

There’s no doubt that they smell their way here with their sharp nose, and there's no doubt that they can no longer speak due to lung cancer.

Slaan sensibly welcome them with the treasure they seek.

Shine like the glory of sun,

The most fragrance explodes into motion from its aromatic suspend,

Fairy rejoices in graceful sun-dance,

Blazing through the sky on the trail of fragrant scent,

Collide by the meteoric fragrance scent of male size,

One cycle to ascend one’s soul.