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Part 40: Day 36-40: Finally Some Timeskip

A sudden thought daunted Radio Free Kobold. Perhaps he should turn the noodle into treasure instead?

It’s unfortunate that someone already ate it, so he will wait until someone recreates the exact Sesame Oil Noodle.

And then the ancestor said, “Why not this?”

Ten percent better than last time. Radio Free Kobold will do it to please the ancestors, but he will get that brown rock scrap treasure someday! :argh:

Kidz sent us a report about how he deal with the fight over a dog.

It's a good idea to entices people with cute things, but he missed the point of the argument.

Back to poop manufacture.

Hungers killed the 30% chance again. Next time, you will have a full meal before doing it.

Three days passed. Our inners are working hard at relaxing and cultivating.

Radio Free Kobold created something with some trading value.

Big sister Slaan is cultivating more often than others due to her innate capability to calm down from anything like looking at Blaze Dragon.

She only needed one breakthrough, so it took longer to build it up, and she is supposed to fail a lot for this cultivation method.

Everyone have a so-called Sea of Qi residing and circulating in one’s body. It’s recommended for everyone to filled up their ‘Sea’ (Raise Max Qi) before breaking through to the next stage. The amount of maximum Qi you have will matters a lot in the Golden Core stage.

Hats is finally in the mood to breakthrough the second hurdle of his cultivation.

This time, he needs to understood other’s feelings.

He is very well-fed and will fail to understood the feeling of hunger.

To the snake-pit with 20% chances!

Let your snake-bros teach you that gaining failure bonus is much better than waiting for state of mind to recovers.

Feel the gaze of your ancestor who watches your precious on a pedestal with great empathy.

FEEL the hungry people with social life!

Nightfalls. Hats is tired of sitting for hours and want to take a walk.

But, what if, the explosive burst of his Qi can ‘accidently’ murder Blaze Dragon or make him choke on his pear… soup?

Whatever epic pear foodstuff this is. Someone really mastered the art of cooking pear.

Thankfully, Hats is not hungry enough to be distracted by whatever pear thing he ate.

Watching the whole process of Male Snake swallowing a big mouse is certainly entertaining… is he suppose to enlightens empathically on… eating food?

… or mouse being eaten in horror?

He must consult the birds for an emphatical answer while playing with them. "What is it like when your parent push you off the tree to teach you how to fly?"

Maybe taking over a city to study the mortals might unveil something? Why would a male and a female fight over a dog?

Can the sect afford sending another administrator? If so, this will be the last because we really need outers to maintain the sect.

Anonymousidiot have some potential, but not compatible with our cultivation laws, and her troubled heart will send her into depression hell.

Kaja is the same with cultivation laws incompatibility, but she is our best crafter.

Blaze Dragon would be great at convincing the masses, but he probably won’t get murdered by an inner there.

Lynneth, oh Lynneth. You are working so hard and doing your best every day to become something in the world. How can we hinder your path?

Happerry, you are the brightest minded person with the highest comprehension skill in the Cult of Bèn. But are you Bèn enough to fit in with your peers?

Arcanuse, you are the next inner. You are compatible with Great Bear Piercing Heart (Metal) or Longevity Reincarnation of Six Paths (Wood). You definitely want to pick Bear if you want to sleep with your wife.

Bliss is… well, she could be something… like an administrator in the new city!

The mortal will be impressed by your bear fighting ability! Unless… you don’t want to go?

This time we will take over a city filled with nice people that isn’t in full panic and chaos. We shall name it…