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Amazing Cultivation Simulator

by Nyaa

Part 41: Day 41-43: Lucky Days

Our latest HQ at the city shall become the gateway to the Most Fragrant Palace.

Since we don’t have the manpower to expand to more city, Covski will use our influence to run some plot to slowly absorb our rivals’ worshipper.

Huh? We actually have two more slots for students?

Then let’s save our influence to get what I assume would be superman or wonderwoman.

Meanwhile, our real HQ’s positive Feng Shui is really beefing up our Qi regen rate.

Which means Radio Free Kobold can try to create his dream treasure more often.

Same for Hats and Slaan to spam their breakthrough attempt. Stop staring at your precious, Hat! Go break in front of the ancestor!


Radio Free Kobold gonna magic blast the enemy with a pile of board and pieces of junks. :blastu:

Goodbye, Qilin Manure. You don’t have a good name, so we will trade you away I guess.

Just in time for his breakthrough as well! We all have a good feeling for his amazing luck!

As for everyone else, now that we got most of the building done, we can expand our lotus farm with more water surface.

I am quite surprised by the very auspicious Feng Shui in the fire/water house with earth/wood bed.

Hats, stop getting distracted and face the proper dir-OH NO!

I forgot to fed him! He’s staring at the dining table hungrily! :eng99:

The struggle to finish this so that he can eat have pushed Hats to his limit and succeed. :ssj:

WHAT!? You aren’t even facing West!

You actually make a secret art!? :eek:

Too bad it’s so incomprehensible that only Nascent Soul stage can learn it. Nonetheless, every bit helps to create the ultimate treasure.

After understanding hunger, Hats is ready to embrace female diet.

Next is Radio Free Kobold. To the snake pit with 30%!

Welp, there goes our streaks of luck.

Bliss reach our new HQ a lot faster than expected.

Surely this name will not incur the wrath of the emperor.

Our lucky streak is back?

An actual free treasure fallen from the sky!?

It’s not any better than the treasure we made, but we do need metal element. Slaan could use it as ‘neutral’ element compatibility, or Hats and Radio Free Kobold can use it for ‘matching’ element compatibility.

Slaan’s shit didn’t give any affinity bonus from earth to her metal, but she is keeping her digested :420:

Let’s strike the iron while it is hot and ride on our lucky streaks with Radio Free Kobold’s second attempt at breaking through!

He is having negative thoughts about other sect's ladies laughing him with his pants down.

Laughing at him like Lynneth.

He imagines the disappointment of his father.

Even good luck can’t beat depression. :shobon:

But luck is still on our side as it sends another potential student.

Wow, you look pale. Vampire-pale.

Kaja welcomes and try to invite him.

Success! Let’s welcome mercenarynuker! He is the leader of the kids in his childhood, and became a famous architect with a lovely family of decent wealth. Then he got destroyed by luck after he became addicted to gambling and became a beggar. Way to nuke your life, male.

His wife left him and getting a new one didn’t work out.

But look, as Kaja told you, we can watch our Male Snake produce our treasure while you eat!

Wow, Hats is getting really good at refining shit!

Our luck seems to be dimming.

Our first common quality crap that is designed for MURDER! :hist101:

This will replace the old Everlasting Crap.

What will not last is the Pure Lotus School’s hold on this land of our newest HQ!

Dammit! It is the same sect that we need to get the Darksteel!

I see. We can’t build resource building until we take over the city.

Maybe we should call back Bliss instead… :sigh:

We can’t give up the place and need someone replace her? She will have to wait for a while if we ever need her again.

Dining with Ancestor is getting too cold.

So the ice-bell will go to the treasure refinement room instead. I have been thinking about how to cool down this room for a while.

How did it turn a 40 C room into -4.7 C!? :prepop:

But that’s fine. Inners have better tolerance than mortals.

Now for Radio Fr-wow.

Come watch the Radio show!

Third time the charm!

What other luck thing we can do while Radio Free Kobold build up his next stage?

Oh ancestor, please send us someone amazing from The Porcelain Shrine of the Coiled Snakes Shrine! :pray:

Noon time, five candidates, one administrator.

These five candidates can be send to any city as helper or directly to our sect for recruitment. Since they can’t be changed to recruits after being assigned to a city, they will all come to our sect while we decide who will be our 12th-

Strange, why is this still stuck at 10/12? Very well, our 11th and 12th student! Vote and decide! OR we can reroll until we get two promising recruit?