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Part 42: Stat Info and New Recruit's Background

Scalding Coffee" post="504280545 posted:

Did we ever go through what the six stats exactly do in the spiderweb information chart?

Not really. Compatibility with laws or having higher skills are more important to me.


I don't know how they cross the ocean and multiple mountains in one day, but it's probably because they are jacked as hell. Here are their background in detail!

This muscularly jacked Female is the child of a tenant farmer with a piece of farmland and few pigs. She helps her father in the farm and feeds the livestock when she was around 7-8 years old. She lost a finger when she wasn't paying attention while feeding a pig.

Her middle finger.

When she became an adult, a wave of insects swarmed the city and ate all food and animals. Everyone can only hide in a cave and survive on eating bugs for a dozen days until it has passed. A traumatic experience that still haunts her in dream.

The second Female is a survivor of a massacred city. She later became a skilled mountain hunter with a loyal hound as her partner. The dog didn't came with her.

Heaven and Earth surges and flows with golden light brightening the night like day as this Male of great destiny is born. He became a world famous chef and it is said that the immortals took him to cook for them when he dreams.

This beefy Male was born in a family of martial artist. He has went through harsh training as a child and talented in the way of combat. He became a storyteller who travels the land on a donkey.

The final candidate is a Female born with herculean strength that allows her to swing heavy iron sledgehammer and moves large boulder as a child. She trained hard to further develops her talent to the point of far surpassing many mortals of her age. As an adult, she became a chivalrous traveler who steal from the rich to help the poor. The scar on her face came from a sword slash from an enemy and it makes her look extra intimidating.