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Amazing Cultivation Simulator

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Part 43: Day 44-46: Awaken Difficulty

The social payment has been processed. 100 influence for 5 recruits aren’t bad for our lack of existence in that city.

This will be our last administrative orders for these cities. There’s nothing else to do except wait for the believers to side with us, and saving 500 influence to upgrade one of our HQ.

*Sigh* Another one? :geno:

Another pair of elderly bandit who are physically impaired.

It’s Radio Free Kobold’s turn. Good time to test out his murder treasure.

All future bandit attacks will be omitted until a worthy opponent arrives.

To the magic shroom and pear tree farm you shall fertilize.

Killing them raised our rep, which will attract stronger opponent as it increases. We won’t be seeing anything threatening for a long time or at least until we hit 500 rep.

I-I… did I jinks it? :magical:

Thankfully, it didn’t go on a mad rage, but wondering around like a normal savage and blood-thirsty animal until someone or something pissed it off.

The demon seems to have its own power stage system.

We can only roughly judge it by the amount of Qi it’s emitting… roughly Peak Qi Refinement stage or low Golden Core.

We don’t have time for inners to build their furnace (Max Qi) anymore, they are going to breakthrough on rush order. All the way to Golden Core stage, no, as high as possible.

Our recruits arrived just in time on rush order. They managed to cross the ocean and numerous mountains in one and a half day!

We do need to build more sect stone for them to pray at one spot. Each stone offers two slot for begging kowtowing and showing respect to us.

The rest are doing it at random place to… impress?

First of all, Yang, we don’t appreciate you soaking in our lotus plantation. Only turtle and personnel allowed. Please leave.

In correlation, Wei, you shouldn’t be praying to our lotuses. Please leave.

As for you, Child of Destiny, just because the heaven favors you, it doesn’t mean you can ogle at our Divine Grade treasures! Get out of our open storage house!

As for you two who knows how to pay respects in our ancestor temple, welcome to your new home that might get besieged by demon in the near future!

Very good! You two smart one knows to pray to our ancestor right away! From here on, your Dao name shall be Coffee, and Mcclay. You both have roamed the world and see your shares of combats, but in the Cult of Bèn, you cultivate until you are ready. We sincerely hope you both will be ready real soon. Please, work hard. For the sake of our very existence. :supaburn:

Coffee immediately expel the disrespectful guy who lost the tie-break to him. The ancestor would prefer the dao name of Coffee to be handed to a “wandering male who travels the land, goes foraging, and sells what he finds.” And someone who knows to respect the ancestor, of course.

Now then, here’s the starter pack of light body charm, god speed charm, daily necessity, and tools. Weaponry are first come first serve basis.

Here’s your schedule based on your talent. Mcclay is now our best chef, and Coffee is the best hunter.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to hunt beside frog and turtle, so Coffee will focus on our pear-based vegetarian diet.

Everyone, please do your best! For our survival! :saddowns:

Oh no, did the demon c-

Phew! Just a Female Bear hiding behind a tree. Even Coffee can fight it to a standstill.

Hmm, speaking of his combat capability, although we suggested to finish your cultivation before joining the combat force, Coffee is a grandmaster of fighting, and having more combat experience is always a good thing…

Here’s a fire sword. It goes well with your pink pants.

Please take your time to consider if you want to surpass Bliss as the bear killer while planting saplings for our meatless vegetarian diet.

No one care about that street light anyway.

Everyone are happy with their meatless non-cursed pear soup.

The random passerby would certainly not bump into that ferocious bear.

“We are eating pear soup!” :v: