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Part 44: Day 47-48: Combat of Mortal and Beast

Coffee volunteers to become the hunter/farmer of the Cult of Bèn.

Hunting, chopping meat, and exploring around are all part of being a hunter. All these activities contribute to his fighting capability against any bandits and...

Somewhat difficult opponent.

To prepare for the fierce foe, Coffee needs to sharpen up his skill by practicing on weaker target.

One can say that frogs are nimble jumpers that can dodge any attacks if they put their feeble mind into it.

A grandmaster such as Coffee must focus with all his might into one focal point of impact.


It seems we are dealing with a grandmaster frog. No doubt empowered by local Feng Shui. Coffee merely made a small cut on its face.

Coffee instinctively block against the unexpected swift and decisive counterattack from the frog’s…

Lick attack.

Taking advantage of the exposed tongue and strike motion, coffee strikes back with two slices to end the overconfident foe.

Slaan is very pleased by a real successor who can protect our brothers and sisters.

The burden on her shoulder loosen as she become relieved. She can now fully commit on her cultivate without worry.

In the meantime, Coffee masterfully chopped so much meat out of the frog that it’s enough to serve as topping for 4 simple meals.

Unfortunately, the frog isn’t difficult enough of an opponent to stimulate any thoughtful insight in the way of combat.

He needs a worthy foe that can survives more than three slashes.

Coffee made a preemptive strike against the highly distracted Female Bear who seems to confuse the street light as a beehive. The tough hide of the bear endured the fire sword attack without any damage.

taking advantage of its’ daze, Coffee repeatedly chops the same spot on both leg muscle of the bear – a intellectual strike that seeks to slow down the foe in case he needs to retreat.

Coffee managed to dodge the full blow of the bear swipe by a hair.

Yet, the overwhelming force of the swipe is so great that Coffee can feel his skull cracked from air pressure.

The pain and his senses of danger awakened the warrior instinct of Coffee. A large and tough foe with strong vitality can only be dealt with patient.

Fighting defensively without getting hit while accumulating numerous amount of injuries is the perfect method of dealing with the maddened Female Bear.

Like a sword (grand)master, coffee easily slices up the remains of the bear into 191 meats and 100 hides. About a month worth of simple meal for the sect.

It’s a shame that the bear is too easy for Coffee after he got back in shape. There’s no doubt this grandmaster would not suffer any injury if he were to fight another bear at this instance.

Moment after a brief respite, as if to further test the might of Coffee, real human opponents shows up to challenge us.

Two elderly members of Purple Cloud School. There’s no doubt their sect master is trying to ‘expel’ them without losing face.

At least their sect master is kind enough to equip one of them with a bow and a charm that improves defense.

Naturally she would be the prime target compare to her armless peer.

Seriously, he is too old for this shit.

Not even bothering to made a surprise attack, Coffee bravely confront her straight ahead.

Naturally, the best strategy against humanoid is to disarm the most dangerous limb that wields weapon.

However, the experience old lady takes advantage of Coffee’s overconfidence and point-blank shot straight at Coffee’s liver! Ouch!

Despite the danger, Coffee continues to strike at the foe’s arms to full disarm this bow user.

The other foe seems to have hearing problem and didn’t notice what is happening behind him.

Coffee’s strategy paid off. The old lady’s wounded arms were not able to harm him and her fate is sealed.

Then, Coffee was going for mercy kill on this old fool.

However, he was the fooled by this old man who is actually a seasoned warrior!

Coffee managed to dodge the deadly stab to his vital, but the accumulated bleeding caused Coffee to faint.

Not bothering to finish off Coffee, the old man strolls into our sect while everyone are occupied in their daily foundation training.

Taking advantage of everyone’s absent, the old man tries to break through the wall of our food storage to make off with something rare and expensive like an medical herb.

He will be very disappointed…

Our herb fridge is the room beside it.

Mcclay was passing by when she heard the wall breaking noise,

Turning to the corner with her bow ready, the enemy failed to surprise this experience lady who spent her days as a chivalrous thief.

One shot, one lung.

Lynneth joins in after hearing the commotion.

Kaja arrives and saw the scene. Considering the severe injuries of the invader, she took out a mop to ready for blood cleaning.

Goodness, this guy is one tough son of a bitch!

Thankfully, the ladies strike a fatal blow that is most painful to all men, and mercifully ended his misery. :stonklol:

Wow, these clothing from Purple Cloud School are top notch quality!

Anonymousidiot rushed to retrieves the sword that Coffee dropped.

Truly, only a bro cares for a bro.

Hats personally arrives to congratulates and apply medication to Coffee, but mercenarynuker don’t trust the half-ass lazy treatment that would surely cuts corner.

Hats insists he knows what is doing with his hand holding Coffee’s liver in his body.

“Please wait, I know how to sew up the torso!”

Thankfully, Coffee isn’t sleeping in a coffin.

Coffee knew his combat skill won't be able to advance into the realm of transcendent that surpasses mortal capability unless he can defeat something amazing.

As for the sect that attacked us, it’s the first sect we met and the very same sect that we are investigating for our 7th(?) brother. Something isn’t right. Could they really be the culprit behind the extermination of Taiyi Sect?