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Part 45: Day 48-49: Wooden End of Summer

Yesterday’s incursion is today’s hot topic at the Dining with Ancestor.

Kaja told her side of the story about witnessing the battle while preparing to work. Mcclay then have an argument with her over the fact she just watching at the sideline with a mop.

Mercenarynuker lost his appetite when Lynneth told him about the deadly blow she dealt to the old man’s pelvis.

Arcanuse believes the sect needed more firepower to deter others from thinking we are easy to bully.

Enemy sect are more dangerous than roaming demon beast.

After all, any sect in the world are powerful enough to wipe us out without letting us flee. We now aware that even the sect of positive reputation might be a fabricated front of the true villain. No one can be trusted, but having more friends than enemies will be the key to survival.

Thankfully, the Purple Cloud School doesn’t seem or pretend to not mind the loss of their ‘retirees’.

Seeing this brewing storm on the horizon. Arcanuse knows that it is time to get serious and snatches the most powerful FPS weapon he could loot.

He won’t need these tools anymore. The good old time of mining bits for coin and logging away from combat is over.

It’s time to farm EXP.

Everyone express their best wishes to Arcanuse’s decision and are willing to do what they can to help.

They agree that he is suitable for the wood element cultivation law.

Thus the construction for a wood element house on lotus lake commence. It’s a cool project and everyone wants to involves in it.

Thankfully, the weather is still warm enough to take joy in the cooling sensation of the lotus lake.

As if infuriated by our greed for strength or a test from heaven; this sudden thunderstorm challenges everyone’s resolve to build Arcanuse’s house on a lake. It’s too late for anyone to take back their commitment.

Arcanuse stares out the window of the diner while eating ramen. He ponders if he should had picked Great Bear Piercing Heart Law like his wife.

Arcanuse did not make the wrong choice. The spike in water element greatly affected many Feng Shui structures in the sect. There’s no better time to build a wooden house than now.

Could this be a blessing from our fire ancestor?

Slaan made it just in time for the final day of summer to get the boost from fire element to her metal.

The gloomy weather didn’t help, but the dark Yin energy is a nice boon.

Move aside, Arcanuse. The spot you are sitting have better Feng Shui for your wife than the empty spot next to you.

Arcanuse refuses to push away Male Snake as it would be disrespectful. So he offers to give Slaan a nice shoulder rub to help her with the 30% breakthrough chance.

Despite the stubbornness of her husband, she is quite happy to be with him. She can't wait for her husband to pick the Bear Law so they can sleep together again.

After Arcanuse got bored and left, Slaan seems to sense something that she must reach for…

The metal element treasure that fell from heaven. It’s a compatible treasure that she shall wield to pave the road forward for her journey of cultivation.

She did it!

But she didn’t advance a stage? Is the Bear law really such a troll law that requires you to breakthrough many time!?

*Sigh* Back to cultivation. Don’t forget to swap out the treasure.

Speaking of treasure, Arcanuse would need a wood or fire element treasure.

But what junk can we use to make one?

This seems the most appropriate. HATS!

Oh geez, grade-two item cost 2000 Qi.

A FPS bow will do for now.


Hats succeed… but why are there black smokes puffing out of the refining platform?

At least he gave it a decent name.

Arcanuse’s room is also near completion. It’s already a place with Magnificent beauty due to the Fairyland aesthetic from the indoor lotus pools.

It is until you flip over in your sleep. :v: