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Part 47: Day 52-55: Desperate External Affairs

Hats have a thought.

When would he finally breakthough to the next stage, so that he can learn some cool spell like Arcanuse?

The answer is NOW!

Treasure you say?

Since Hats will power up from Qi Condensation to Qi Refinement stage, we can afford to send Radio Free Kobold out again.

Our ancestor agrees we will find something there.

500%! This is why you want to please your ancestor! :worship:

We did it! We now have a Qi Refinement stage cultivator while Blaze Dragon talks crap behind Hats' back!

Now, let’s see what he can do.

Radio Free Kobold will learn this as soon as he gets back.

Hats will learn this to have enough Qi to refine better grade treasure and cast spell.

Going from arrow speed to bullet. :madmax:

Literally fencing skill from hell. :devil:

Qi Attunement are modifier for Max Qi.

Soul Crystal are for item improvement and some special ritual. :discourse:

Breaking to the next stage will be quite difficult. All of these sub-breakthrough requires Sense stat for bonus.

Before all that, we need some Cold Resist Charm.

Because winter clothes need 80 hides and pants need another 80.

Which we can hardly afford unless we go out to collect cottons or have more bears wander our territory. We will not take hides from rabbit. :colbert:

The thoughts of murdering rabbit makes Slaan sad. More than her disappeared husband.

Arcanuse home is done. It didn’t have the highest Feng Shui, but it is the perfect lazy compact room that Hats would want. Entertainment next to bed, bunch of freely accessible water, and lotus root for food.

So many lotus root to last us through winter. Land based farm are for suckers.

Except pear tree for our local specialty.

Coffee makes sure everyone will have a full stomach this winter!

Burnt food are factored into the calculation! :eng99:

Even future students will be well fed!

The diner might need more table when that day comes. It can handle… 16 people. Or 24 with the lamp removed, but Feng Shui on the table would be weakened. No one wants to choke on pear soup.

Radio Free Kobold should have enough luck to find it.

Oh. Of course other people are here to get their hand on it.

He will only get beaten with his cultivation stage. Focus on breakthrough it is.

On his way home, news of something that requires our attention from two of our city has arrived.

They aren’t doing that well.

This should be obvious… unless they need wood or stone to build houses?

Ohhh! So that’s the best way to gain followers!

This sounds like a bad idea, but we are desperate for attention! Coiling Snake Stronghold will be ours!

Uhh… tell them Hundred Insects Mountain’s bread use insect for ingredient!


I think we should lay low for a while before the mobs want to lynch us.

As for Visitor to the Throne, we will double our wheat supplies.

If only we can send them lotus root instead…

If only they need treasure…

Hats is certainly becoming an artisan of a specific product.

We really should trade some excess shit away.

There’s nothing worth trading except the rights to enter their sect. Surprisingly, Radio Free Kobold’s music score is considered to be a treasure.

It took a lot more to gain access without friendship.

We need Radio Free Kobold to make more music.

Wait, Rosy Cloud Grotto?

Dammit! I got the wrong sect!

I knew this will be useful someday. :f5:

Alright. This better be worth the shit.

Hats will go find the culprit!

In the meantime, we need to make some real high quality product for trading, and cooking seem to be the fastest way to do it.

Ugh, that is costly. Let’s try one and see if the other sect likes it or not.

Hmm, it’s still grade 1... wait, it doesn’t have an expiration? :magemage:

Even the sect leader knows it is full of unhealthy preservative.

What other thing can our production workforce make that use cheap and plentiful material?

Note: This is only for trading with sect leader. The normal merchant hasn’t come for ages.

Clothing need fur or textile, which requires hunting or farming cotton. Farming is time consuming and the hunting is not viable in this land void of larger lifeform.

Processed item are worthless to them.

Medicine need herbs, which requires farming.

Although we have a lot of cinnabar to make charms, I would rather save it for ourselves.

Textile need cotton.

Processed junk.

Regular item and accessory aren’t needed

Wooden weaponry might worth something?

Yes! It worth almost nothing to them, but it's worth something! :saddowns:

We are arms-dealer now! :tfrxmas:

Time to infiltrate legally into the culprit's territory!

A whole new unknown land for us explore! Hats senses a lot of life energy emitted by many students of the Rosy Cloud Grotto.

A real sect worth of masters and students.

Stealing are extremely not recommended.