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Part 49: Day 55-57: Arms Wealth

Nothing new under the sun while the diner is getting an expansion with more tables.

Radio Free Kobold breaking through his mid-stage to comprehend this mysterious being known as old woman.

Maybe it’s time to have a conversation with another one.

The production of weaponry for trade are going well. Soon, we will have access to all sects and at least get one secret resolved, hopefully. Can’t we just pay a private eye?

Quality doesn’t matter.

Just like these useless decorate ‘furnace’.

At least we got something to go with the kitchen.

I think the ancestors are saying our kitchen will catch on fire with lots of smoke again.

The big lotus decorative-structure doesn’t fit our lotus-farm/Arcanuse’s hut either.

He don't need the Feng Shui boost anyway. The Tree Worlds skill he learned have speed up his cultivation speed to the point of ready to breakthrough now. Too bad he is doing it in the wrong season.

Autumn is not a good season for rebirth.

Nor it is time for growing lotus.

Would we have enough food to last through winter for the next five years?

Herbs are fine after we build a greenhouse.

Food and medicine are not a concern for Radio Free Kobold as he tries to comprehend Empathy.

Arcanuse waits for his Qi to fully recharged while he will write down the skill to cultivates faster.

Too bad no one else are compatible with this skill and it cost twice the comprehension to learn it.

Two old ladies arrived while Radio Free Kobold is breaking through Empathy.

Sensing the presence of these barbarian, he has an emphatic thought:

“Old people have bone pain and need medicine!”

One of the bearer of bone pain is currently punching the streetlamp furiously for its overly brightness.

The other stuck stood in front of the mason table to look for jade and stuff.

Anonymousidiot doesn’t appreciates the reduced lighting.

The other thinks it’s not bright enough

Now that Anonymousidiot is pulling all the aggro, Coffee can safely backstab these potentially secret old master of martial arts. :ninja:

Thankfully, they are not.

These two elders with bone pain sure punched hard. Maybe that’s why they have bone issue.

OH FINALLY! :bahgawd:

You can already tell he is a sly merchant who will empty your wallet.

Ohhh, but it’s not good enough to worth the price. Hopefully, someday we will be rich enough to pop these like candy.

These cost 1500, but other sect might ask for this as a favor to speed up certain Inner’s injury.

The lust cult does need it for their ‘metal’ problem… nah. We need more wealth before we can ‘buy’ favor like a big spender.

Only 1000!? :monocle:

We can afford two if we go all out, but there are other ways to increase lifespan, so we don’t really need it for a while.

We will sell 1/3 of our lotus for the basic currency instead. :yum:

I wonder if we can last through the winter for two years.

We will buy food after we earn enough with these weapon that worth about 10, so we will set it to make infinite amount of it. Enough to arm every nation in the world.

We are practically minting money! :shepspends:

Screw the wheat production in the other town! They will all be converted into lumber mill!

A second smithy shall be constructed!

Both of our crafter will devotes the rest of their life to making chakram… hmm, maybe it’s worth extending their life by 200 years…

Oh no… our ancestor is telling us not to cause so much war. Is selling arms not the way forward for our sect? :ohdear:

I am sorry… we are full even though we have plenty of room and years’ worth of food…

Sect policy and all that.

Also sect policy to give you absolutely nothing. Now get out of our diner!