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Part 50: Day 58-60: Tame Chicken

We are clearly low on food for the next thousand years, even the merchant is saying these worth almost nothing to him and his trade empire.

So it’s pretty clear that we need more food, and we can sell the surplus for wealth.

To do that, we can start by making a ranch to breed animal, and they will keep producing supplies even in winter. It would eliminate our concern forever.

Coffee, out best hunter, will take on this important task of solving world hunger.

Now… there’s one female chicken at the lotus farm.

… someone go search the fogged end of the map…

But not the bottom right of the map.

Aha! Bottom left!

And another one near our settlement!

Go, Coffee! Shoot an arrow triple the size of the chicken!

Maybe quadruple of its size?

Oh no! The chicken is fighting back!

Anesthesia to the brain! 86.3% is the rest of its brain health btw.

A lot of unnecessary damage is being inflicted to the chicken. This is after… ten arrows?

The chicken is going all out as well. Look at Coffee’s portrait.

He did it! The combine damage finally knocked out the chicken!

But we can’t treat its injury until it is tamed?

Have some wheat. I heard animal can’t be tamed without their list of favorite food.

Blaze Dragon, the one with the persuasive trait should be able to do it…?

Tamed! Someone will heal it later. :henget:

Seem like a bad idea to put it in the snake pit, at least until we have a lot of chicken.

Let’s put it on the lotus farm to help with fertilizing. Chicken can swim, right?

Another lucky crane flew back; showing ancestor’s approval.

Apparently, using the attack command is the proper way to do it. Hunting is going for the kill while attack will stop once the enemy become disabled.

It never sees it coming.

Hurry, Kaja! It’s dying! You are a veterinary!

She failed to tame it and we need to wait 300 seconds.

Its injuries worsen in 230 seconds.

The chicken woke up in our food fridge… because it would save us the trip if we fail! :chef:

Aww, it coops up on the comfortable rabbit pelt. :kiddo:

Meanwhile, Coffee is going for the second female.

He pulled the bowstring too hard this time.

The fridge chicken’s injury worsens, but it doesn’t reduce its health.

Geez, I wonder where your infection came from!

Round 2, may the law of the jungle be with you.

Coffee believes he will kill this stubborn chicken at this rate. It just refused to go down no matter what. Truly a tough Male.


Oh no… Anonymousidoit is feeding it…


It woke up and trying to escape.

Then it went back in to fell into another coma. This time, it might not have a chance to wake up…

A lot of our female animal-activists have a brief fight with everyone involved for the cruel treatment of this chicken.

They are right, we could at least let the chicken pass without pain…

Hm? We can feed animal Laxative…? It seems we found the path to fertilization. Too bad it is expensive to make this drug.

Not on this chicken, of course.

Mcclay, one of the proponent for animal rights, immediately administers the medicine.

This will do for five days. Maybe it can wake up again.

Mcclay choose to stay by its side in this cold fridge room with lots of filthy food.

Speaking of the cause, Hats will refine this chicken poop in memorial of this stubborn and brave chicken. Also a good way to get rid of the poop that stopped melting in the fridge.

Feeding the soul rebirth pill would certainly save its life… it IS the only male chicken in this land, but the pill can save us…

Ah, something that isn’t about devoting a whole update to tame two chicken!

Send people to find the baby, obviously.

“How can we find a baby?” :derp:

Finally, it’s Coffee turn to feed the chicken. Can these two adversary forgive their grudge and bond over healthy whole wheat?

This feud will not end without bloodshed. :eng99:

You would think the fridge room would keep the infection at bay.

It's worse.

Here, rest in the herb garden. It might help.

Now, what else is everyone doing while I am highly distracted by the chickens.

A pair of new lover.

Oh yes! The treasure of the chicken poop! It’s… shit!

Arcanuse is ready for his next attempt.

Wow, he didn’t take long to finish the process! Too bad he failed.

Round… 5(?) for the male chicken.

Mcclay really cares for this chicken.

She does find this chicken to be very, very dirty and infected. She wants to clean everything she is wearing after feeding it.

Oh thank the ancestor! I was starting to think you don’t like wheat. :henget:

Mcclay immediately rush to heal it.

Coffee also helped with a different medicine - Five dosage of homeostatic medicine.

Now for the turtl-no, no, we are done. :sweatdrop: