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Part 51: Day 60-62: Progress and Disruption

Another day, another poop.

Huh? We spent two whole days catching two chicken?

They are worth the trouble at least.

As for other money making produce: Cotton.

They can be made into textile for clothing. Let’s go with black for sunlight absorption and ninja. :ninja:

It took 4 cotton to make 20 textiles.

It sounds like a lot, but it cost 80 textiles to make a thick cloth and other 80 for thick pant. 32 cotton for a full winter set. Definitely not a cash crop.

Our truly precious low cost cash crop is piling up the storage room nicely.

Those useless textile are only good for rare item that can only be made with cloth like this cushion that cultivator likes to sits on.

A deluxe perk for Inner and their butt.

Also for first-class citizen like snake-bros.

Hats’ side job is making cash treasure as well.

There’s no need to risk his life for demon poop. It is the same crappy quality as other animal.

We will keep the good one for ourselves, of course.

Perfection. :discourse:

If only it can speed up everyone’s cultivation that is taking forever. Arcanuse is going to be 1/3 done with his breakthrough.

His boost before the decline on the next aging breakthrough.

Ohh! We got egg! But we need to hatch it instead!

Not sure if it even possible to hatch it, but we will put it on our trade spot among the other junks to keep it warm.

It cost twice the amount of egg to make the same meal, but considering it being an effort-free product, it’s good?

Ohh! Another egg is incubating under the chicken.

As for our kitchen… the ‘decorative’ furnace actually count as Feng Shui for Alchemy Lab.

I already regret making it.

It’s a huge piece of junk that waste spaces.

Let’s double the fire hazard instead.

Wow! His cultivation is fast! That certainly make up for his downgrading stat.

It uses a lot of Qi and burn 10 years of his lifespan per attempt!? :eek:

That’s nine tries. We will buy that lifespan extending pill next time. Should he wait till summer for the season bonus?

Life comes and goes as Slaan writes a divorce letter for a complete stranger that won't live past his 30s.

But first, we need to survive this winter.

And whatever is attacking us!

Coffee is on his way!

Wow! That is one sick thick winter cloth!

Hurry! Mcclay is getting more badass by the second! :zoro:

Too late, Coffee. The glory is not yours today.

At least you can kill-steal.

103 Fur and 191 bear meat. Maybe we can survive this winter, maybe.

This super-strength chivalrous tomboy wonderer is so badass, she can self-heal severe injury without medicine!

This must be a luck-based search, right? Radio Free Kobold will go there right after he breakthrough and learned Godstep for speedy map travel.

Slaan agrees that it is a good strategy while playing Go with this mysterious stranger that can’t be her husband. He would certainly not pick the opposite cultivation to sleep among turtles at the lotus plantation.

Speaking of stranger, it’s time to trade with them.

We will figure out what she likes and become besties!

Huhuhu! They are all poor quality trashes!

We can buy these rare drop-only accessories!

I can’t believe she would take it! :xd:

Since the fur is fire element, Slaan will hold on to it.

Radio Free Kobold will get more luck.

Arcanuse is ready to breakthrough again, holy shit! He is blazing through his cultivation like a true wizard!

He doesn’t need any bonus and can tank these penalties! That 10 years of his life are well spent!

What is going on!? What is causing our Inner to get 100%!?

Could it be the busy atmosphere? The addictive fragrance of lotus powder? Blaze Dragon speaking too loudly and enflaming the heart of both Inners?

While inspecting around for other plausible cause of the cultivation boost, I notice some incubating eggs are being moved. This issue takes precedent above all matters.

It occurs to me that these free-range chicken are vulnerable. A bear could show up and ate them up, and they could freeze to death in winter.

Thankfully, we got some space for the greenhouse under construction. Surely the highly dense Qi environment and magic shroom that improves vitality would be good for chicken.

It better not snows in autumn! :ohdearsass:

The Female Chicken will leave after hatching the egg.

Meanwhile, the Male Chicken already moved to another place and clearly don’t want to sleep with his wife anymore.

All these heartless Male shall ages alone without partner.

This Female will show us how to run a labor camp sawmail and a farm!

Sending more students should be the answer to improve production, but we lack manpower, and she have high eloquence… motivation speech?

Great job! Our chance of surviving winter have increased by ten years! :neckbeard:

Radio Free Kobold is now our second Qi Refinement master.

Unfortunately, he can’t learn any skill without a small sacrifice.


It’s okay, Hats. Yours will become a treasure someday. Unless we fail to refine it and get destroyed in the process.

Radio Free Kobold's Precious is mismatching Feng Shui with the whole room.

Feng Shui Disrupting item are powerful room decoration item that can singlehandedly change the room’s Feng Shui and provide special benefits like faster workspeed in the room. We don’t know what room arrangement is needed to activates their effect. Someone need to identify it through a special spell from a certain cultivation law.

Anyway, someone please move this precious outdoor ASAP! :supaburn: