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Part 53: Day 66-68: Investigation

No one disagree that the expulsion of mercenarynuker, is a joke. :thesperg:

We have spared him the awful tragedy and daily suffering of his brothers and sisters. After all, none of our Inner have any obligation to be overly-protective of their juniors.

Radio Free Kobold and Hats are too busy venturing the world for treasure and cultivation opportunity.

Slaan and mysterious stranger are too busy competing to bother saving any junior.

As the sect master was too lazy to create any law and regulation for this cult, our default policy is the Law of the Jungle: As long as no one dies, it’s good (and crippling) experience to temper all juniors into greater warrior cultivator.

After all, the Inner have to reserve their strength and precious cultivation time to deal with real danger.

Furthermore, we must find the culprit for the destruction of Taiyi Sect.

Therefore, it is of the utmost urgency for Slaan and Stranger to breakthrough as soon as possible. To expedite their breakthrough competition, they will both consume spirit stone to refill their Qi and spam breakthrough.

That doesn't mean our Rapid Qi Regeneration room is useless or limited to the impoverished. It will have it uses at a later time when our Inner have to face the terror known as Heavenly Tribulation. Unless I built this room wrong and it became useless.

Their love and desperation to win protect the Cult of Bèn have compels them to swallow stones for the greater good! Their sacrificial deed of swallowing stones shall be recorded in history.

Breakthrough Chance
Slaan: 50%
Stranger: 60%
Male Snake: 0%
Male Snake: 0%

Female have the overall advantage here.

Hats is also working hard to make friends and word-puzzle his way towards finding the culprit. It is tedious, awful, hourly time consuming, and terribly dull task that mere mortal simply can’t endure.

Thankfully, our sect master is extremely charismatic.

As if knowing how to press the right button into people’s heart…

Hats can instantly charm anyone to become his best friend. Of course, he is too lazy to abuse his precious face, and will only use it minimally for solving the case. The alternate would be cornering the target when they are out and beat the answer out of them.

Although the sect master might know or involve in the conspiracy, they can’t be pleased with a simple touch of their heart, so the good old bribe will be necessary.

They will be helpful if we need reinforcement…

Until we are strong enough to defend ourselves, we can only earn money for the ‘protection fee’.

Thankfully, we have an efficient system of three smiting station in a cool room at 6.6 Celcius condition.

Hats’ next target will be this guy who fancies a lot of stuff.

Our Outer admins are working hard with bribing the mortals too… these two still fighting over that dog?

Bliss is good with words and food agriculture.

If this fail, we will pick food next time. Maybe they just want to eat the dog.

Slaan dislikes the idea and become distracted.


Seriously, one Qi Stone is enough to make a couple breakthrough attempts for beginner cultivator.

Well done, Bliss! Slaan can be at ease now and will breakthrough for sure!

“Bye bitccch!”

Arcanuse, the fastest competition champion, is now a Qi Refinement master! He will need to breakthrough one more sub-stage to get the max stat boost again. No doubt he can speed run this.

Let’s see if there’s any secret art that can make it even faster.

Arcanuse and Slaan could use this boost.

Arrogantmehameha beam!

More Dao means more exp needed to learn the next skill. It is not that great, but it’s the main branch skill of the skill tree.

Looks like we don’t need Hats to poke on people’s heart later. :eyepop:

This is unappealing. Arcanuse have already experience the spiritual high of Qi Stone.

Amazing skill for everyone, especially Sunflower lawyer.

Slaan can’t focus for some strange(r) reason.

She might need the Rabbit’s Foot if she fails at this.

Lynneth now understood that love does get in the way of cultivation.

Slaan isn’t too happy about this for some strange(r) reason.

Maybe it’s Blaze Dragon forcing his way into his favorite seat. He is certainly every Inner’s thorn Rabbit’s Foot.

Now that we have become more powerful, we can afford to expand more shrine to other city and send backup student as admin.

Good bye, anonymousidoit, you can come back when you feel like it.

But would you want to come back if we name the shrine after you?

While the official name is being decided, Radio Free Kobold is ready to explore the ruin of Taiyi Sect in greater detail.

This is already quite a tragic sight. Someone didn’t finish the chess game or pack it up after using it.

Did you see the culprit?

Did they came for our wealth?

The sect did get looted clean without a speck of valuable.

Could they be eyeing for the extremely fertile land? But no one lay claim to it yet.

Or the hidden treasure in our pagoda that somehow survived the fire and remain in pristine condition through plot armor?

Is this a spiritual sensing thing with one chance…?

Who knew there exist a divine treasure that is ugly?

Time to bring home the potential item that might be the cause of a sect wipe.

Aaaand he’s home with the loots. He is seriously fast after learning that skill.

Here goes nothing!

If it’s a bomb, you might survive by luck.

Radio Free Kobold isn’t strong enough to unseal it. Someone with a higher cultivation stage is needed.

Please watch over it in the meantime, dear ancestor.

Our ancestor approves. :worship: