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Part 54: Day 68-70: Winter is Coming

This sword is the second metal-based treasure that fell from the sky. There’s no doubt to her that the ancestor is telling her to use the sword for strange(r) propose.

Perhaps the ancestor wishes for someone with incredibly long lifespan to join their rank sooner.

Someone like… who is this guy?

I see. Slaan must have murdered her old husband, found a younger husband, gave him an eyepatch and call him Arcanuse.

That or he became a boomer again.

Too bad his newfound youth can’t get rid of these scar that might itch once in a while.

It will be fine when he breakthrough into an old man again with timeworn skin, but he better uses the bathroom before losing bowel control.

In contrast, Slaan only need to brute force it with one breakthrough.

Speaking of her cultivation law, all her secret arts are stacked into the next cultivation stage known as Golden Core.

Peak bear performance at this stage.

Until then, she gets these two skills to prep for her future greatness.

As for shrine expansion, the hype and novelty was long gone and no one really care about it anymore. :effort:

Even Anonymousidiot don’t feel like naming the shrine after her.

Everyone leaves it for Slaan to give it a progressive name.

This time we can fund 100 spirit stone to the Divorce Church. Hopefully, there would be a lot of believer out there who will marry to our church for money! :homebrew:

After all, it is the right season for a fall out. :frogout:

But they might make out tomorrow. :hydrogen:

Lynneth is experiancing this vicious cycle of love and lost with Mcclay in their bonding girl-talk! :sympathy:

Thankfully, this particularly cold autumn will keep everyone’s mind off extracurricular activities and focus on their cultivation.

Except for the sweatshop, it must stays operational at all time. It is a nice and warm room for working and sweating to produce money and widow!

However, we can't risk anyone getting a cold in winter, so everyone are required to wear full winter clothing and resist cold charm to sweat even harder! :whip:

But no one sweat as hard as Arcanuse do.

Hats also worked hard in non-physical aspect. ;-*

One greeting, 5 points. Amazing charisma with maximum efficient :effort:

He is returning at a stress-efficient pacing.

Not as efficient as Arcanuse at his prime. Three tries to breakthrough in a very short amount of time.

Slaan is also sweating nervously for some strange(r) reason.

Radio Free Kobold continues on his random voyage for treasure and should be alive somewhere.

Anoumousidiot almost arrives at Hope’s hometown.

Ooooh no! :pirate:

He's not fluent enough to speak pirate.

Does that mean she hid some of it? :pray:

Either way, our competitions already has a deeply rooted grasp on the local populace. So we won’t waste resource to compete with them for a while.

Radio Free Kobold returns empty handed.

That won’t do! He needs to pretend he found a gem somewhere!

Hmm, can’t use it on the dead since their soul has long gone.

No one would notice a missing frog… :getin:

Yes, we agree it will cause death.

It’s like surgery where the surgeon stabs his palm into the patient's chest and rip out the heart at extreme ferocity.

Grade 8! :wth:

Everyone treat it like treasure!

The downside is the bad karma that will strengthen the power of heavenly punishment when he tries to breakthrough at certain stage. But it's fine for him since it's too difficult and time-consuming/elixir-expensive to get him into Golden Core, so he won’t bother with breaking through anymore. It should be fine, right? :ohdear:

Twenty points to our reputation is the costliest part of this deal, and we can’t afford pissing off the good sects. :nono:

It’s better for Radio Free Kobold to find evil treasure instead of creating it.

We will keep this for refining into an extremely powerful treasure someday.

Everyone are worried about the arrival of the Frog Curse. There’s no such thing.

Even if it does, it’s probably weak as shit.

This is the full view of our sect. Right before winter and whatever heavenly vengeful frog curse it may come.