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Part 55: Day 70-72: Progress Toward Greatness

Being rob by pirate is not fun. Anonymousidiot wants to go home. :cry:

Hope will go back to her hometown as our local administrator instead. She is quite talented and we don’t want to lose her over frog cursed winter.

As for someone we can afford to lose…


Huh!? We might have an alternative way to build cultivation stages without depending on the cultivator’s state of mind and talent! Radio Free Kobold might be able to go for Golden Core without wasting years to do it now!

Everyone in our happy cult have around 130-200 mood value! Finally, you too, can feel sad for cultivation! :pseudo:

In fact, every Inner nominates Blaze Dragon for the honor! :nsa:

We will keep you happy with mystical cheap paper artifact! :woop:

Mind-altering magic! :science:

And drugs! :420:

Hats spent two points in alchemy to ensure happiness. :smug:

Maybe... we can do it while Blaze Dragon have a long happy dream if he resist? :thunk:

Our ancestor agrees with this plan.

Arcanuse, on the other hand, don’t need the sacrifice.

HOWEVER, he will not try this until he got a very high bonus because it burns 30 years lifespan per attempt! :ohdear:

Oh. Nevermind. :geno:

But someone do mind.

Welcome back, how many evil gem did you brought back this time?

New item gets a nice light beam.

2x higher grade version of 100 Spirit Stone.

18x pill that offers better way to recharge Qi instead of swallowing stone.

9x Not-angry-frog soul gem.

Lastly, a grade 8 treasure. Sect master Hats will hold on to it.

Now go back to that place with three choices before. One of them requires comprehension or sense(?) to obtain.

Coffee also request a new fire sword. It’s the same strength, but prettier!

It should keep your back warm as you lay on the cold snowy ground after beaten unconscious.

Our greenhouse is doing well! We should expand or make more green house at some point.

We could also transplant these decorative tree from other sect, but they use spirit stone as material.

Let’s make this luxurious Flowing Sphere instead.

New recruit?

Too bad Hats is sweet talking with the potential culprit.

She won’t spill the bean with max relation.

Sympathizing for her weakness will lower her guard, but that’s not enough. Asking her best skill…

Gave us her a powerful skill that no one can learn.

Hats refuses to abuse his face for treasure, so he goes home for Plan B: There is one person who knows about this potential culprit’s secret, but refused to reveal it to us. Hats invited him to visit our sect for advance bribery.

Meanwhile, Radio Free Kobold is back for more treasure hunt. There must be a good book or two in the library.

Radio Free Kobold can’t handle the truth: “An underwater library is empty!?”

Welcome back Anonymousidiot, you are just in time to meet the new potential recruit!

Please ignore our cultivation master attempting a breakthrough in the diner. It is part of our culture.

He is speed-running towards Golden Core at the age of old-young.

Our new recruit is pretty mediocre, but have the potential to become a great alchemist!

Due to financial trouble, this flower-girl joined an organized group of bandits. She hated her job and finally found a good excuse to quit after losing her arm in a raid,

Welcome Shei-kun, maybe you can grow your arm back with alchemy someday.

Oh no! Shei-kun’s bandit friends are here!

Those stubborn elders who refuses to let her leave!

One of them brought this oddly useless magic accessory.

They are stronger than Grandmaster...

It’s only respectful for old people to fight with old people. :razz:

Spellcaster versus bandit warrior!

It’s -15 Celsius today. Great weather for evaporation to occur. :eyepop:

“I have time to help because I speedrun.” :smugbert:

Mortals are nothing but ants to an Inner.

They worth more as natural fertilizer than their pitiful wealth.

Speaking of real treasure! Time for Radio Free Kobold to redeem himself!

Hats bring home a bunch of precious gem without needing luck.

As the king of games, Arcanuse can’t be outdone by treasure gathering! He will… make something awful useful!

Too bad he can only control one corpse at a time, so he will go for the male one.

Choosing female would mean death.

It is done. Free labor-


Oh wow! He is also the king of game and a butler!

Welcome to the shadow realm! You will be responsible for picking poop from now on!

So many poop that refuses to melt at -15 C.

We will use them to make fertile land in our expanding green house.

Good boy.

Too bad heaven doesn’t approve of eternal death labor.

Sect morality are fine. Everyone loves free labor zombie!


The time have come to explain the realm and stages of Cultivation. How they all works toward refining you into an immortal god… in the next update.