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Part 57: Day 72-73: Core Prep

As mention in prior update, a cultivator need as much Max Qi as possible to create a good quality golden core.

Unfortunately, we are too poor to afford good elixir and doesn’t have fairyland-like Feng Shui to boost Arcanuse to the best possible grade.

However, we can certainly work hard to scavenge and purchase all the rare herbs to help him get a Golden Core that is good enough to reach the Nascent Soul stage.

After that, we can turn him back into mortal later if he wants to try again under better condition. He can speedrun and break his own cultivation record!

Unfortunately, it’s risky to take too long to prepare for Golden Core.

So Arcanuse will have a deadline of Mid-Winter because that is the perfect season bonus for his Wood element. About three weeks from today.

In the meantime, he will max out his state of mind and generate a bunch of comprehension points for purchasing secret arts later.

He really wants to breakthrough instead of wasting time and cult fund.

But we shall burn our treasury to get him to Six Grade at best! :homebrew:

No matter the sacrifice.

That’s Radio Free Kobold’s power level.

NOOO! Not that kind of sacrifice! :cry:

Dammit! Now we will attract slightly younger elderly with no bone pain and holding sharper tree stick! :corsair:

The guest who knows about the culprit’s secret is here. Let’s hope giving his gifts will be enough for him to tell us.

We certainly can’t beat him up to get the answer. He’s a Nascent Soul that can use three treasures!

Alternatively, if against all odds…

Sacrifice should be ma- No, we are done kicking people for now.

Let’s have Arcanuse talk to this elder who also lost his eye to save a pet monkey.

Interestingly, he managed to break into Nascent Soul with 8 Grade core.

He… sure have a lot of Qi after reaching Nascent Soul…

All three of his treasures are enough battery to take on Heavenly Tribulation.

Unlocking two slots of treasures would certainly make everything easier and deadlier. Unfortunately, it is very expansive or dangerous to unlock these slots.

… let’s aim for the Eight Grade! :cry:

Expensive bribe didn’t work. Investigation will have to wait until we get stronger then. :sigh:

Slaan wants to punch a wall.

Nothing is going smoothly. Investigation, cultivation, everything are as good as halted!

How is it possible to be slow under such favorable condition!?

Autumn is ending and the season bonus will be gone!

Extreme measure must be taken. Consume other’s happiness for power is the only way to compete with that speedrunner!

Someone who is all chubby and laughing with that Stranger must be taught a lesson!

Who care about core grade when you can get first place! The Cult’s history will remember the first Golden Core! There’s no doubt this dark secret art will carry her through Nascent Soul! Hahahahah!

Target acquire. :jecht:

But first, a stubbornly refused to obey command beauty sleep. The dark deed will be on queue no matter how important it is. Moreover, consuming might be more enjoyable during HUNGER in the morning.

Radio Free Kobold returned with the prize that worsen our sect relation with Rosy Cloud Grotto.

This… IS TRASH! You can hold on to it instead! :bang:

This time, go for something more certain! Pay a visit to that lust cult island and find these two JUICES!

Dawn shall soon arrive. Arcanuse is writing a reply letter to explain the situation to Slaan’s father about their… different opinion of superior choice, but he senses a bad omen from the spilled ink.

Ravenous arrow flies in breakfast call,

Happiness smiths itself onto silver plate,

Yet guardian would surely interrupt the feast,

Thus predation shall lay in wait,

For the prey to leave its den,

To hide with other weak and useless snack,

Under their watchful eyes,


Now to cultivate while the spell is marked on Blaze Dragon!

Hahaha! TWICE the speed of that so-called King of Games! :twisted:

Master Slaan hereby decreed Blaze Dragon shall be put under long term vacation. Enjoy and indulge in happiness!

This Elixir is made by the sect master specifically for you! It’s a popular item during his time in the royal palace! :420: