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Part 58: Day 74-76: Sacrifices for Happiness

Vacation in late autumn sucks. Especially when all leaves has fallen. This dreary view sucks. How can anyone find HAPPINESS from this awful scenery?

The greatest crafter in the cult may need some time off to seek inspiration through drug to create greater work of art, but we don't need depressing art-piece from winter.

Buuuuuut, winter become colorful and vibrant after taking that elixir! :catdrugs:

However, you can find joy through passion of your work! You don't need drug!

The ancestor agrees! :worship:

After all, if there is anything this cult is good at, it’s having everyone on high spirit to not repeat the heartbreaking tragedy of Cyfian Pear Soup Curse.

Thankfully, pear is off the menu for a while. The blessing of bountiful harvest isn’t enough to counter such cursed culinary.

Blaze Dragon don’t need drug to reach the peak of happiness. Things like this are usually unhealthy like a badly cooked pear soup.

Slaan can work out a fair deal to restores what was taken in exchange.


“Fine, father-in-law. I will hold back until mid-winter before breaking through. Your daughter better be faithfully cultivating because I am the goddamn king of games and don’t t-…”

Undeniably, winter will suck for a lot of us and have zero aesthetic value, but we can make our home better and...

Prettier with decorative spirit rock.

Greater Feng Shui with higher density Spirit Stone Wall Qi Station. Unless I did this wrong and it’s a waste of material.

Dining with Ancestor: Winter menu includes wheat and lotus based food. Frog meat will be available for emergency.

Inner gets the privilege of flying elsewhere for better scenery while finding Juices.

It's fortunate that it's not winter yet. :byob1:

Late autumn is so cold that even wildlife are in a constant cycle of frostbite and recovery.

We can’t just leave it dying, but domestication would make some black-hearted people voicing to herd it for fur and meat… hmm…

Weclome to the shroom room. You will live here and poop all you want.

There’s a great irony in the dead saving the living… like our ancestor!

There’s a great contrast for hardworking and untalented.

Oh no! Shei-kun doesn’t have winter clothing yet!

Kaja needs it too!

We don’t have enough material for a single thick clothes! 80x fur per thick cloth is ridiculous! :f5:

Arcanuse, please go fetch some cotton. We will uhh… time your speed return?

There should be enough time to get cotton, weave into textile, and sew into thick clothing. Probably.

Thankfully, the puppet is ice-proof and doesn't need cloth, but the constant working will slowly chip away its health until it grinds itself to ash.

Just in time! Radio Free Kobold can go fetch cotton too!

Oh ho! This will go well in Arcanuse’s room! Or fire room?

Speaking of, he will choose to explore the mountain manually instead relying on luck.

He found the local village with a Golden Core guardian protecting it.

Stealth mode, activate. :ninja:

No one would expect a master of a sect would be desperate enough to steal cottons from local villager! No one can solve this enigma of missing cotton from this Mind Game!

Hmm? Some wild beast wanders nearby. Perfect, we can hunt for its fur and/or meat.

OH SHIT! :stonk:

Thankfully, no one else would be coming here ever again, no one on schedule t-

Your sleep saved you there, you lucky o’ bone you. Somehow through great stroke of fortune, you managed to survives all passive attempts of death infliction and denied backlog goon from joining.

Fine. It’s a lot further, but go here to get cotton instead. Try and survives in the CENTRAL PLAINS. :australia:

You won’t make it back before winter, but it’s good to have more cotton just in case.

Hats was wise enough to collect something on his way home.

As expected, it’s something only useful for social aesthetic…


Full purple textile! One of the sect master liked this as a gift!

Also makes it easier to find it in the messy storage.

You managed to get the other thing that we don’t need!

The heightened sense of Blaze Dragon also inspired a quality boost from our mass produced wood chakram that we also don't need!

It’s great enough to get its own name with a slight buff. :eyepop:

By the ancestor! Another one. :sigh:

The puppet is also dy- redying(?) soon.

You are the savior of all rabbit-kind, such hero deserves a name.

Go, bring salvation to these coma rabbits!

Those rabbits would be happy to know that our home gets good reviews from guests.

It's so good that they told their friend about it!

One rabbit has recovered and it’s playing with the chickens. The other will take a while to recover… if it can last that long. :ohdear:

Let’s feed it Ginseng to boost recovery speed… it can eat Ginseng, right?

Good, let’s feed it some wheat so it doesn’t starve.

Sorry, we can’t save everyone. There are way too many frogs and you should had hibernated.

Oh, screw it. Our greenhouse need a lot of shit anyway.

Dammit! I did not expect the Ginseng to tame it!

Welcome, future Male.

I also didn’t expect untamed wild animal would be programmed to leave. So it’s pointless to save them if they want to go out and get frostbite again.

It would be a busy season for this veterinarian if we try to tame every suicidal frostbite rabbit out there.

Our kindness has greatly pierced the heart of our big sister!

Too bad the bonus cultivation is just a small drop in the lake.

Time to fed on more target. Coffee, Mcclay, and Kaja will all contribute for the greater cause.

Surprisingly, this actually work! Who needs talent when you can learn it through others’ happiness! :dance:

Now we are confident in getting every Inner to Golden Core within a season or two!

Holy shit! It keeps climbing even when she sleeps! :magical:

Outer should bring happiness to mortal too!

Feel the happiness! :sun:

“We are very happy at the Cult of Bèn! Join us!” :holy:

It is inevitable for this happy place to have sad news. Puppet spell doesn’t work on him anymore. :sadwave:

I believe Jesus deserves a proper burial with a grave. What do you think?