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Part 59: Day 77-79: Winter is... good?

It only takes five seconds for everyone to decides how to bury Jesus.

As fertilizer among the rabbits he saved. We gotta get as much out of him as we can before he leaves in three days.

*Insert chorus hymn*

Since we can’t make a relic out of his corpse, the rare shroom that grow out of the farm will do.

Unfortunately, the raw product grew out of Jesus is too powerful even for cultivator to handle.

Since it’s so difficult to make that, we might as well turn the elixir that made with this purple shroom as treasure. It’s probably a wood or earth element treasure.

Speaking of treasure element, our scholar of google doc decipher believes it’s actually best to make them ‘feed’ upon the cultivator’s element.

Which makes sense since treasure actually ‘feed’ on the Qi of cultivator like a battery.

Therefore, all Inner will have treasure as so:

Arcanuse (Wood) gets Fire treasure
Radio Free Kobold (Earth) gets Metal treasure
Hats (Earth) gets Metal treasure
Slaan (Metal) gets Water treasure, but she won’t because she got the metal treasure as a gift from ancestor to slays speedrunner evil.

We are still lacking water and fire cultivator, which requires cultivator with solid stats.

There are very few low grade item that belongs to fire element, but we could let Arcanuse hold onto a nice fire chakram until someone have enough Qi to make a high grade treasure.

As for other future production of weaponry, they will be made with spirit block due to its increased trade value.

A big improvement from Grade 1 to Grade 6. Not to confuse the Golden Core grade which is backward.

But we will switch it to Lance because it only needs 2 iron ingot and 2 spirit block instead of 10 spirit block for chakram.

In fact, everyone will help out with smithing. We can afford failures with 2 spirit stone blocks.

Look at this beauty with roughly the same damage as other weapon after factoring attack speed.

Then we have Blaze Dragon making Grade 9 version masterpiece! :perfect:

However, everyone prefers to custom order their own weapon of choice like Coffee requesting for Fire and Earth bow.

By custom order, he meant making one himself.

It’s merely a matter of personal satisfaction.

That’s why it is made of marble. Perfect color for the season.

He names them Flamethrower and Quake to compete for cool name with the real deal.

While everyone is busy with making money, Radio Free Kobold will continue his endless exploration filled with expected danger… if he can returns from another world.

Maybe he will meet a majestic dragon that is very hungry.:ironicat:

Seem to be calendar-based cycle (on my computer), so screw this timed-event warp hole. :frogout:

Hardly two days have passed on the calendar, and Slaan is finally ready.

Wait, percentage!?

GODDAMN IT! Each attempt cost 5 years lifespan too! :rubshands:

SCREW IT! She will eat the lifespan cost for failure bonus if it means succeeding against the stranger!

Two more weeks and that stranger will refine his core! It’s probably 9 grade, but she must be FIRST.

More importantly, we nee-wait, did the demon beast became a Golden Core!?

Strange. It actually lost nearly half of its max Qi. We should be able to defeat it with three Golden Core without casualty! :science::science::science:

For a very brief moment in Slaan’s life, she ponders if she has indeed, picked a terrible cultivation law.

She can only play her sorrowful music to the ancestor for the injustice of “requires multiple breakthrough.”

WORK! Ladies! You certainly didn’t picked the wrong cult to join! No sweatshop in the mortal world can provide such a high mood satisfaction!

Ignore what others call us! This place is a Fairlyland Martial Cult!

Arcanuse is producing treasure for wealth in the meantime. His wizard level Qi will keep him going for a long time. These treasures will then trade for rare elixir/ingredient that helps him get a better core.

He just finished making his own Fire treasure.

Element: Matching. His Wood on this pile of Fire. :supaburn:

The only person who isn’t making money is Hats. He makes face for our cult. :hydrogen:

Charming students to spread good words to their master is an advance strategy. Also the lowest effort method with ‘some pointers’.

Two more pointers should be enough for us to become respected by Purple Cloud and they will start selling their secret arts to us!

The ancestor also gave some pointers to Slaan.

Of course! Her breakthrough need better physique and the stat also increase lifespan! Kill two birds with one stone!

Radio Free Kobold returned at blazing speed. Since there isn’t much places for him to find deadly monster treasure, he will continue his cultivation.

By drinking Coffee’s happiness. :zoid:

At a very insane speed thanks to his Sunflower cultivation. Other inner only have like 4 meters per second. Hats only have 6.5 since he focuses all his comprehension into making treasures.

It was fast that Blaze Dragon’s sleep was not interrupted.

But he knows it’s something… bad? “What did you do to me?”

For once, Radio Free Kobold have the bad luck of everyone’s mood getting ruined by the snow.

I was wrong. It’s quite festive for everyone. :pseudo:

This heavy snow doesn’t seem bad when everyone wears their winter clothing.

Merry Chrismas, Jesus! :yotj:

Shei-Kun is still waiting for her thick pants and umbrella!

Thankfully, she is the only outer without an umbrella.

Using it properly however, would be the next challenge.

As for Arcanuse’s Golden Core challenge, the heavy snow is a huge boon! But he will wait for the next one during mid-winter.

We might be able to survive this winter after all!

Too bad for our emergency food supply.

Sub-stage 1 ready for breakthrough.

Good start. Slaan is also breaking through at 60%. Heavy snow is… surprisingly good?

DAMMIT! :sassargh:

AGAIN! :2bong:

Heaven and Earth aligns for this opportunity! The Qi station is actually helping Slaan!

Meanwhile, Radio Free Kobold takes his time by not rushing his breakthrough.

And wasted time.

Slaan proven brute forcing like a bear is the way to go. :byobear:

You got to be kidding me. This better be the last one.

Radio Free Kobold have to breakthrough outside with the turtle while Slaan uses the room. It’s actually a better spot with 70%.

Thankfully(?), the snow ended.

Hats should go for Golden Core before he dies in one slash.

Thanks to the contribution of everyone’s happiness, these two elders at the top of the pyramid gets to enjoy their days without needing to cultivates. :zoid: :zoid:

Visual hierarchy of the Cult of Bèn. There will be a bigger pyramid chart after sect expansion. :ssh: