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Part 60: Day 80-82: Rise of Coffee

More than two season has passed.

We went from penniless to high grade Arms Producer - 4 out of 10 lance are divine grade.

This sect of ours is fully staffed with talented workers who gives all they got to earn the opportunity to become immortal. These limited seats of laborious honor are first come first serve until it’s full. Extra beds and empty house are for… Feng Shui, yes.

Everyone will find warmth in their home even at the harshest winter. No one would fell asleep with the feeling of heart-crushing despair.

This chilling cold season that only turtles and some rabbits managed to survive will not affect us. No, we aren’t those frozen frog in the well anymore. We are experience cultivators. Supreme beings above mortals!

But we will never forget our core value of Gender Equality.

Green eco-friendly recycler who will make a treasure out of trash.

Total worship of our ancestors, respects elders, and senior ‘giving a few pointers’ to junior.

Speaking of that, Shei-kun is now the only logger as per tradition. Suck to be the last enroller.

However, we could make an exception for the exceptional individual from Coiling Serpent Stronghold. We do need someone amazing to lead us out of our eventual doom.

Someone who is motivated and inspired to achieve their goal at all cost.

We can free up spaces for any unmotivated senior who can be promoted to a more suitable job in the mortal world as our administrator and representative.

Too bad it’s not worth the trouble to travel for days to reach the city. Not when our seniors are cultivating for a major breakthrough.

Not even for someone who seem to have nothing else to do.

Who knows what hidden danger lurks for the opportunity to take us all down like Taiyi Sect.

Moreover, we will not go anywhere with a visible and threatening danger that is building itself a Wall of Poop - No doubt a dark and demonic ritual of sort.

Except when free treasure fell from the sky! :woop:

Midpoint breakthrough at 30%

Slaan isn’t far off either… unless this isn’t the last repeat. :tbear:

The treasure fell on a mountain close to us. However, someone is already there to contest for it.

We will leave. Last time Radio Free Kobold did it, we lost some relation and earned unnecessary attention for an awful quality treasure.

We will take what we want when we became powerful.

Or overwhelming manpower to bully the strong. Coffee is the next candidate who is qualify to become an Inner - The most promising one, in fact:

His compatibility with the wood law surpasses Arcanus, and he is the only one in the sect who can handle water or fire law. We don’t talk about metal law.

No matter which law he choose, we can expect better combat result compares to his past performance.

Wow, Slaan is really working hard to overcome her shortcoming of the metal law.

Holy shit! Another one after an hour or two!

Speaking of holy fertilizer, the fungus of Jesus has graces upon the rabbits!

Thieves are here for Jesus Fungus!

Let’s go Coffee! One last rodeo against old people masters!

Oh no! This one have an ice bow!

Fortunately, he also created a custom bow – Quake.

His earth-Quake will crush that water bow.

This time he will snipe down the unarmed one first. Fist could be a deadly weapon for a master of the martial art.

Any sharpshooter would know to hide behind cover against another shooter.

Thankfully, the poor hearing and eyesight of the other barbarian failed to notice the attack.

His opponent seems to be mumbling incoherently about something. Could it be a spell?

No. It’s just common language of the senile.

Coffee is onto a good start without any injury!

How dare those barbarian outnumbers him! This isn’t a fair battle! Retreat with honor! :horse:

Her 2.6 m/s speed versus Coffee's 7.9 m/s!

Actually, make that 9.1 m/s with light body charm.

Twist and turn into covers! She won’t be able to shoot through those rocks!

Once again, our invader managed to ‘sneak’ into our sect while everyone is having dinner.

This scene seems familiar…

A new challenger with a bow arrives!

Oh no! We are using that worthless beast capturing bow, AGAIN! :tizzy:

Thankfully, she decided to take down Happery first.

Meanwhile, Radio Free Kobold was lucky enough to find a charm while reading a book.

An useless charm for this happy sect. More so than the beast capturing bow.

This point-blank battle lasted for quite a while before anyone noticed happery’s disadvantage struggle with the wrong bow.


Coffee did well for taking down half the forces of the enemy invader. Leave the rest to your fellow brother and sisters to take care of the rest.

But that won't do, he needs to join in so that he can take half the credit for the last kill!

“Bravely sacrificing himself by grappling the old lady barbarian from behind, the powerful invader of the south was finally defeated with the help of Coffee!”

At least, that’s what future scholar will retold as prologue to the ascension of the great Coffee senior.