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Part 62: Day 83-84: Poor Core

Note: Due to imminent huge content update, we will dial up the speed of time and ignore all minor issues. We will start trying out some risky things to see how it goes.

Hats was trying his best to finalize our friendship with Purple Cloud School to Respected relation, but he heard something interesting in the meantime.

-150 C? Easy. :smug:

It’s time for our Golden Core to shine!

“Hmph! A cold and isolated house is what the owner deserves!”

Like another tragic lightning-struck owner that might leave his home vacant soon.


Potential homeless man seen sleeping under Guqin table.

Radio Free Kobold hopes the ancestor will help, or else he will join them.


Oh well, he can speedily transverse across the continent with ease now.

Consume soul and eventually body for comprehension point! Great way to quickly learn all his secret arts while enraging heaven. :drac:

Finally, a spell that changes the weather. This should be good for Earth, Metal, and Fire?

When he wants to regrow what was lost.

Attribute! Attribute!


Choose one of three arts to boost your treasure’s stat. Instant slash is the only art that leads to two more arts at Nascent Soul.

THE recipe for making elixir with soul crystal items.

Insert our sad-frog soul crystal to improve item grade, which will increase it’s value and refine into stronger treasure.

Insert not-sad-frog soul crystal to improve… treasure Qi cap?

He will pass down secret arts for increasing attribute and go on a world tour for treasure hunt.

Slaan arrives to brave the extreme cold. :madmax:

Nooo! Slaan don’t have much luck with husband!

Such is the risk of treasure hunt. Only the luckiest can come out without a scratch.

Fortunately, it’s nothing serious.

Arcanuse suddenly feels a great wave of satisfaction like he is on the cloud.

Radio Free Kobold 2.0 passed-by to get help/recruited. As if our ancestor is trying to tell us something…

We don’t need someone who speak once and never come back! :nono:

Ancestor agrees we are lucky to not have anyone breaking through for a while.

The irony of his constant travel across the continent.


Since you two are badass enough to get a title, it’s time to try out some bounty hunt.

Aaaaaad, they are here. Golden Core fly faster than birds, and the cotton village mountain is close to us.


Oh no! He’s also a Golden Core (8 Grade)!

The crash between a sword, bag of wheat, and basket of mushroom.

Slaan and Radio Free Kobold quickly used up their Qi to strike the foe,

This fugitive has 4x more Qi than Slaan, Radio Free Kobold, AND their treasure combined! :gonk:

OH DEAR ANCESTOR! This madman strikes down Slaan as she fled and then kills everyone in the village!

After Radio Free Kobold went down, a mysterious force pushed them out of the mountain.

He collapses right as he arrived home.

Amazingly, he was lucky enough to only suffer exterior wound.

Slaan got it worse.

Pretty sure her heart was long destroyed by the stranger.

"Zzzzz..." :tootzzz:

Countdown before her soul leaves her mortal body.

Mcclay rushes to save Slaan from the grasp of the grim reaper!

What heartbreak?

Slaan is simply an unmarried virgin who learned that Max Qi is serious business.

PS: Tell me if you want reload the save file or if you want to pick Bear law (60% Metal) or Three Sun Refining Law (60% Fire) instead.

“Dear father-in-law, does that count as divorce?”

“I could really use a break.”