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Part 63: Day 84-85: Pets

Note: Forgot to save last update, so this is two hours before Slaan flying home to her death bed after the botched manhunt. The death message triggers after she gets home.

While our Golden Core returning home with injuries, a strange phenomenon occurs across the world.

Massive amount of Qi suddenly dried up… no, something sucked them dry temporary.

Everything in the world blooms in great activities as ‘they’ absorbs Qi into their very being.

Someone’s bonsai tree become sentient after being cared with love.

And it wondered into our sect. Yes, it moves.

Maybe it’s attracted by our mass tree farm project all over the map.

We will move this… somewhere, and feed it fertilizer.

In fact, let’s feed it-

The world must know of this discovery.

Have a steam bun instead.

We found something normal and cuter…

A dog. We will adopt it.

Oh. It’s actually a spirit beast that can talk, and it wants to learn some defense type ability.


But it’s too young to have a feeding regiment.

Good boy! You can’t die easily like Slaan, okay?

Good boy! Toughen your body by smashing rock!

Should we give it a new name or keep its title Celestial Dog Flower Bun?

It can perform only the first miracle at its current stage.

Random automated action of ‘watering’ a plant to speed up its growth.

At a later stage, it can use its growth and nutrition to turn an area into spiritual soil!

After achieving 100 spiritual intelligent, it can charm the target to break its heart guard, so we don’t need to cheat anymore! I will because it waste time to grind.

It’s ok, bois. We still remember you, but we will need some special method to awaken your spirit.

Maybe the lust cult has something useful?

They have three awakened snake with different awakening mentality: 1) Worries 2) Spiritual Sense 3) Reminiscent

Naturally, we would need the Spiritual Sense snake to help us with breaking bad Feng Shui.

Time to open the cage... we spent A LOT of wealth on this.

Coffee gets the risky honor of getting bit by poison fang.


She prefers small animal and dark room.

Before that, please make some good memory with our Orrery.

As an awakening being, she will need to use these fragments of knowledge, awareness, and senses to fully opens her mind into sentiency.

Flower Bun also sightseeing our dinner.

Coffee fell asleep after planting trees for a long while. It’s a spiritual pursuit to determined which element path he wishes to promote.

Although he is extremely compatible with Longevity Reincarnation of Six Paths… but he is tired of trees and just want to burn it all down.

Spring will be a good time for fire law to breakthrough after winter. Our sect also has a secret art that increase luck to help promote Coffee into higher compatibility.

More importantly, to protect the sect if this tree gets… ripe with anger?

Happerry: “Please don’t eat me, please don’t eat me, pl…”

It said “Yummy! This is too tasty!” and want another Jin (500 grams or 10 more buns) of it.

It seems friendly. Let’s schedule someone to move it closer to the kitchen then.

Maybe the tree can block the demon. However, Slaan and Radio Free Kobold should have no problem taking this down.

But before that, Slaan is back from the fugitive hunt and dropped dead with her last breath from the fatal injury. We will proceed to feed her Soul Rebirth Pill to revive her like last update. Then she will rebuild her foundation and cultivates back to Golden Core again.

The tree is not eating her corpse.

Kaja is just here to move the tree. Don’t mind her. Someone else will be here to feed you the rebirth pill.

The tree wants to eat steam bun instead.

More steam bun it is.

Arcanuse is the one who fed and saved her with the rebirth pill, but Slaan ran away screaming.

Note: She is a mortal now, but gets to keep her Golden Core title.

This stranger is making a seductive pose next to her as she woke up.

Slaan thanks the ancestor for giving us a snake and the opportunity to get around the marriage law.

Female Snake is gathering fragment of respecting our ancestor!

It can sense our ancestor talking shit about our Golden Core losing face!

Coffee will regain the face by learning a dangerous law that can injure the cultivator when they fail to breakthrough.

We send Female Snake to observe Coffee being promote into Hot Coffee. (It failed to learn anything)

She will piece all these memories together. Each providing various benefits. Knowing how to poop is good for training.

Or piece three related memories together to create a new thought.

Coffee is now at Qi Condensation stage. Happery congratulates him while the tree also inches closer to…

Congratulates him? :raise:

Or happy for future ash-based fertilizer?

The injuries are really serious after all.

Thankfully, the law comes with healing spell.

A weather spell to summon the best weather for breakthrough.

This is how plant feels. :sun:

Finally, the powerful magic blast skill that Arcanuse learn at the next stage.

Offensive spell might actually help us overcome our poor strength…

Flower Roll also wants to train on spellcasting.

We will encourage it by two step for this training. Defense remains the main priority.

Speaking of rules, it’s about time we setup some automated travel rule for our sect members.

This should be helpful when we have too many people traveling across the world. :derp::derp::derp: