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Part 64: Day 85-86: Pets 2

There was a slight confusion among the Outer students over Slaan’s near-death experience and reviving back to a mortal. Is she still on top of the pyramid hierarchy? Does she need to address that Stranger with respect?

Does she need to rebuild all her foundation from scratch?

No. We have gone pass poverty and she can let drugs rebuild her body in an instant!

The first rare magic shroom give her 8000 foundation points, but due to pill resistance, the next pops will provide only 5200.

This won’t be a problem since we also have Ginseng to fill the rest.

Arcanuse flew by the herbal house to make a tacit statement.

Slaan doesn’t know who this mysterious person is, but he really stirred her to swallow all these bitter herbs…


No… matter… the cost…! :gonk:

While Mcclay is treating her on the bed, Flower Roll brought up the remedy to Slaan's current woes…

... by chewing up said medicine... we would have completely forgotten about this amazingly well-timed solution otherwise.

NO! Don’t eat laxative as your herbal supplement! I know we said to give you everything, but you are hurting yourself! :11tea:

Are you okay? Make sure to drink more water to dehydrate your lost from diarrhea. :ohdear:

Yes, you will never eat laxative unless we feed it to you like we are doing to Slaan.

At. All. Cost! :byodame:

Yup, that shaves it all down to 30 seconds. Her excess will be donated for treasure refinement.

Yes, eat cooked food like a normal spirit beast of great Bèn. :hai:

The pet’s presence does help stabilize Coffee’s mental state.

But only briefly before Coffee fled to his newly assigned home.


Yes, play more with our students. :hai:

Someday, Coffee will get his own title.

He could go intervene a war to maybe earn one, but it’s too far away to worth the trouble.

In fact, it’s nearing peak winter, which requires Arcanuse to meditate uninterrupted for a long period of time during breakthrough.

He’s waiting for a blizzard or light snow.

Naturally, big sister Slaan will be there with fire law to make sure this winter isn’t cold enough for someone to succeed. Fire burns wood real good.

Unfortunately, she's only decent at Bear law (60%).

Since that is the case, let’s wait a bit for Hats to bump our relation with Purple Cloud School a bit more to buy their fire law.

In fact, let’s send Radio Free Kobold and Arcanuse to sugar up that final gap of relationship.

In the meantime, Slaan will help with producing quality items among other crafter. She will also be responsible for logging as per tradition.

Flower Roll says farewell to Radio Free Kobold. :allears:

It is eating well with our zero protein, 1 fat, and 85 nutrition home food.

Home food also provides a small gain in defense.

Defense and Spell power stat will be required to unlock these four combat spell.

It’s growing towards a positive Qi path, normal mass, and slowly growing in strength.

Flower Roll is a spiritual being, so its health is also its Qi. They are part of heaven and earth, so they get full love from the world without heavenly tribulation and will naturally grow strong over time.

At the moment, Flower Roll is sharpening its teeth by attacking the wooden wall of our kitchen. Probably due to our shitty home food and the lack of toothpick.

We at the Cult of Bèn approves of such stress-relieves and Feng Shui breaking method, but keep it in moderation.

Many people thoughts Flower Bun pooped again after attacking the kitchen wall, but no one realizes it is Slaan.

The mischievous Flower Roll is trying to feed laxative to Happerry.

Go for it, boy! We won’t be making anymore laxative instead.

You can prank four more victims. :devil:

We still need 149 poops to convert these barren ground into fertile soil.

I did not expect Coffee to successfully refine a treasure on first try.

Interpret how you like of Slaan’s diarrhea.

First one to arrive for relation boost with Purple Cloud School.

Finally, all these months of gifting and Hatsuation have been rewarded! :vince:

Now to find a suitable one for Slaan…

Nevermind. Selling everything we have isn’t enough to afford it.

Radio Free Kobold will have to collect more treasure or rare herb like this Juice for trade or as Golden Core snack.

Speaking of treasure, I forgot we have this Taiyi Relic that we can’t open with Qi Refinement realm Inner.

Max luck Golden Core, go!

Could this be the item that led to the destruction of Taiyi?

Something from our Taiyi ancestor!?

Unknown key item.

A scroll so good that it works as a powerful accessory!

Let’s find out the truth!

Happery managed to not get poisoned by our celestial doggo. :cheerdoge:

I bet nothing was translated for its content.

The world will never know until someone smart enough to comprehend it.

Wait, it’s two wonders! They are pocket dimension portals!

We don’t need storage or fridge room with this! Naturally, we can’t afford it. :sadpeanut:

We also need to make this to retrieves our junk.


PLEASE BUY OUR JUNK! :derp::derp:

He has ultra-rare item like this item that unlocks one treasure slot for an Inner to wield more treasures!

But first, let’s hope this is enough to buy a law from Purple Cloud School.

Good. Let’s save/load for Slaan to pick one of the following:

Water law that stops at Nascent Soul, but focus VERY heavily on boosting treasure’s stat. (50% compatibility)

Fire law that can reach immortality. Also a treasure combat law with some offensive team buff. (50% compatibility)

Another treasure combat (Wood) law with offensive spell. (50% compatibility)

Slaan, do you want to wait for a... less talent-intensive law? We could make the new Fire law work with luck and phy boost secret art though.