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Part 65: Day 87-88: Golden Winter

We decided to go for True Scripture of Yin Yang as Slaan’s fire law. The fact that it might not have the injury-on-failure drawback (probably) of our fire law is more than enough to justify its purchase.

It also came with secret art that boost luck and sense to alleviate her incompatibility to this law.

Thankfully, we have two other secret art that improve physi and luck.

Slaan rushes to finish her steam bun.

Its also Flower Bun’s favorite dog food! :burger:

Thanks to the merchant, these purchasable law are so affordable that everyone is scrambling to produce more stuff in the sweatshop.


Except Slaan. She is incapable to do so as an Inner of great prestige.

So prodigious that she uses her own shit.

YES! Pee at plants! Your skill will speed their growth!

The pee also speeds up the game’s growth!

As for Mr. Tree who used to eat the steam bun, he can now eat crap after the patch. We will save our steam bun for our dog and bitches more civilize beings instead.

It’s begging for more and promise to lose weight later. :yum:

No! Radio Free Kobold! Those are for selling as our local specialty!

Flower Bun to the rescue!

Internal crisis intensifies by rescue dog. :cheerdoge:

Hats returns after days of Hatsuation with Purple Cloud Sect.

Excellent! Always poop in the farm!

You are welcome to help butchers dead animal.

Mining too!? GOOD BOY!

All these extra contribution to our wealth Good Boy will helps us in the auction. We are hoping to bid on some rare and powerful laws.

We have enough to buy three laws. :homebrew:


Do I have to read it first?

There we go.

Radio Free Kobold will go.

Note: It's not open yet, so this is a wasted trip. :blush:

He flew away just in time for the large snowstorm.

The snowstorm we have been waiting for weeks.

To snow show off.


Someone might get really bad frostbite while I am distracted, but all eyes are on Arcanuse now! :prepop:

Two Mother Juices and this winter combo pushes it from 8 to 6.


Grade 9, break!

Grade 8, BREAK!


Congratulation to Arcanuse for becoming a Grade 5 senior. :golfclap:

Yes, it rounds up from 6. :sparkles:

Now to have him break one more time to reach his baby prime.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy the good part!

This is good for… water cultivator?

We already have these Soul Rebirth, and suck essence for exp secret arts.

Not to confuse with Karuna, which indulge on mood for exp. I realize it is the caster who gets their mood and state of mind decreased instead of the victim. :blush:

This, however, drain lifespan to refill Qi. Not worth the enragement of heaven.

More Max Qi for spellcaster.

I think this is a spell for stealing a mortal’s body. Great for someone with max stat or if you want to become a demon cultivator.

Remember that time where Arcanuse cast an offensive spell and Evaporated a mortal? That was fun and need more improvement.

It’s very difficult to increase Potential, and Arcanuse would need this for compatibility with his law.

Comprehension is the next hardest to obtain, but it is worth it for the direct effect on cultivation/learning speed.