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Amazing Cultivation Simulator

by Nyaa

Part 66: Day 88-89: Cruel Winter

The world is balanced. If good things happen, then there would be bad in equilibrium. Now that our celebratory moment of success for the shining exemplar is over, it’s time to deal with the deadly issue at hand.

It’s cold. :greencube:

Bountiful Harvest of Heavy Snowing Cold Wave.

Even turtles can’t survive with their shell.

Flower Bun is busy holding a butcher knife on its paw to professionally butchers all these dead turtles.

For us human, it’s uncomfortably cold with our full winter-cloth plus cold resist charm, and this temperature is dangerously close to their Temp. Limit. However, they should be fine and healthy if they stay mostly indoor, or at least will be moved to a warm bed when they go to frostbite coma-land.

Outdoor training for one hour is fine! The hardcore ice-cold training will toughen your body! :zoro:

To motivates everyone in this harsh, but essential time of foundation building, for a limited period of time, everyone gets to enjoy warm and nutritious turtle soup. :)

Fire cultivator like Coffee have it better during winter.


Oh, right. It was this relic we purchased a long time that boost the cold resistance. Worth every penny.

Our domesticated animals are fine. They all cuddles together for warmth except that recovering coma rabbit. :allears:

Now this is bad. Take back every comfortable thing I said about survival. :aaa:

Everyone is suffering, but no sign of frostbite yet. Staying outdoor for one hour of hardcore training should still be fine. This is nothing compare to Heavenly Tribulation.

Our animal ARE freezing to death. Feeding them ginseng is all we can do for them until I add more fire element furniture in the greenhouse! :ohdearsass:

Coincidentally, our ginseng are harvested just in time! :neckbeard:

Ginseng for everyone! :homebrew:

Wood cultivator like Arcanuse have it the worst in their ice-fridge home, but Flower Bun choose to sleep with him, and this is the first time I see State of Mind hitting 100 thanks to the bonus! :monocle:

Mr. Wood-Tree is fine.

“Why is everyone in repose, let’s play!” :sax:

Heaven is very pissed this year. :psyduck:

Particularly at us! This is happening at our Most Fragrance Palace, so we can’t lay low and ignores this!

Great! We have tons of brown rock in stock!

All thanks to mass production and greed. :sparkles:

Radio Free Kobold will have a look at the situation.

Surely an earth cultivator would be able to help with construction?

No chaos on our turf. :nono:

Oh wow! This is better than sending 20 brown rock each day! :prepop:

Hats and Coffee will show these mortal why they need to worship us!

Our near-death rabbit survived with Ginseng. We also tamed a turtle.

No, Flower Bun, this Male is still alive. We are taking him to make turtle egg and soup. :discourse:

A full day passed, and the cold wave is over… what an awful struggle of survival. :sweatdrop:

“Would I be this busy when I become human?”

Absolutely. Please drink more water and become human. We could use a new woodworker.

Apparently, it’s too soon to help with the relieving effort again. This certainly can’t be a lazy excuse by Hats. :effort:

Great, the talent our sect lacked the most.

At least Coffee will bring back something.

Ahh, remember the good old time when Hats brought beef home for our snake? :beerpal:

Flower Bun is so excited for the beef that it wants to attack Inner.

No, Flower Bun. You are not strong enough to kill Radio Free Kobold yet.

Maybe sending him to war will do it.

Don’t think about what Happery would taste like either. (Actual thoughts)

Our awakening Female Snake will think about such things.

It has accumulated many thoughts in its head, and 'Fence' is two of it.

To help reinforce that thought, we can build a fence to have it manually think about it for the third time.

Now it has three-of-a-kind ‘Fence’, which only one can form from our guidance while the other through luck on hand/deck like poker.

Now we can match 3 them into a thought that will become crucial for its existence to awaken.

It knew the humble beginning of us fencing her Male Snake friend to labor striking the orrery! :whip:

Once these thought shaped into Female Snake’s very being, it provides stat boost depends on its content. Being fenced means -10 social skill.

What!? Demon cultivator with an unknown grudge is going to raid us!?

An 88 years old demon cow. :corsair:

It is a kind and hardworking cow who is good at medicine.

Then we have this 103 years old demon rabbit at Qi Condensation realm!

Dear brothers and sisters of the Cult of Bèn! These kind-hearted demons must be here to free their unawakened brethren from our Feng Shui sweatshop! :supaburn: