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Part 67: Day 90-94: No Standards

“Woof! Woof! The day of your death have arrived, [demon rabbit name]!” :histdowns:

This rabbit dares to challenge us with such pitiful amount of strength!? :reject:

Flower Bun with 27,500 Qi are encouraged to join the battle!

The time for Outer to defense us has come. These challenger with kind intention deserves an honorable one-on-one duel between fellow ascended being of great prestige!

Unfortunately for her, we have no standard. :newlol:

Suffering any injury from non-mortal are no jokes. None of us wants to get hit by a treasure.

It’s futile to fight against four treasures! Especially one of them is diarrhea! :barf:

A blunt attack from Hat's bricks knocked her out. Followed by a bag of wheat to…

Whole (wheat) Body: 0%
Missing, Wound.

Regardless of injury, cultivator can survive with Last Breath to buy some time for spell or elixir to revive themselves. This demon rabbit will only get looted.

The cow charges at our Qi station’s wall, thinking a house with such a dense amount of Qi must have treasure it in.

She is somewhat correct.

They are also somewhat correct that we are evil lacking honor standard.

We are fearful for the wrath of both heaven and surrounding Just sect until we are strong enough to do as we like. :smugdog:

Speaking of evil, Hats will learn the puppet spell to make more zombie slave Jesus . This winter is too cold for living being to work. :devil:

Cow are good candidate for their hardworking nature... in theory.

At the other end of the continent, our Inner is fighting another war.

Golden Core VS Mortal Armies! :tipshat:

This is why mortal worships us. We cure epidemic in days, half complete an earthquake recovery effort, and stop war with magic storm. (+2 fame)

Flower Bun isn’t happy about Hats who killed the enemy before it can get to them, so he is the next victim of laxative.

Either this is Hats fleeing from Laxative, or he is running to the bathroom.

“Woof, woof! Laaaxativeee!” :cheerdoge:

Hats is making a zombie to clean up his shit.

This cow can run 8.4 m/s without any cultivation! I really should stop looting their clothes.

Too bad zombie can’t do building, farming, and cooking. :thunk:

Back to appeasing Flower Roll. It's time we build their magic bed, and a statue to revive it from death.

Both are large construction project that needs hundreds of spirit stone blocks. Flower Bun is literally sleeping on money. :homebrew:

It only took Radio Free Kobold one day to cross the continent home.

He returned just in time for demon rabbit’s last breath to expire.

Cultivator’s zombie body should last a lot longer.

Ah, the classic zombie green.

Her missing body was changed to abrasion injury.

She really is virtuous like Jesus. :pray:

Great job, Radio Free Kobold! Have a snack from Flower Roll! :cheerdoge:

Our Female Snake have finished its thoughts.

‘Fence’ is ready to unlock these major slots.

Not ready, actually. Those major slots needs one thoughts of each type to unlock it, and unawakened needs at least three major slots to become awakened. Unlocking too much slots would also speed up Heaven Tribulation by days.

Purple Lotus Sword School does have a secret art that forcefully inject emotion (blue text) into animal for awakening, but heaven won’t like that.

So we will not rush its awakening until the flood gate of mass recruitment opens at sect upgrade (500).

We will need a lot more laborer as our sect expands.

Especially after Radio Free Kobold failed to return with some evil treasure. :thumbsup:


But THERE IS a growing needs from the backlog…

Flower Bun really likes Radio Free Kobold. It would say farewell, thoughts of him, and greets him on return. :allears:

Sentient animals are great! We should have more! Except for this cow that laze around while our zombie rabbit works extra hard!

To make more animal capable of thoughts, we would need to get the secret from the sect master of Hundred Insects Mountain.

He’s a nice guy, so he will sold us the recipe. :hfive:

An alchemy elixir. :doh:

It would be nice to have an alchemist in our sect…

All we got was this random rabbit that decided to join our sect…

It immediately fell into coma and needs its kind to save it.

It would be nice to have it rest on this extremely expensive luxury spirit stone bed.

Its owner isn’t using it anyway…

Or it knew tonight will snow on its roofless bed.

So we will build a nice marble house with a lotus pool and a friendly tree.