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Part 68: Day 94-98: Improving Standards

I have decided. Surviving 100 days is a respectable achievement.

It’s good enough to start stepping into the danger zone of Sect Expansion!

Day 100 will be the day we go for 500 reps and get carpet bomb by heaven!

It is certainly safer to have Arcanuse hit his prime at the next breakthrough, but we have Radio Free Kobold (Golden Core) to risk his life to defend the sect! :v:

However, we don’t have much to defend against -50 C.

Animals have it worst and requires hands-on rescue with ginseng.

Of course, animal with higher pyramid hierarchy will get better accommodation.

Everyone do get a nice bowl of turtle soup in these trying times. Free refill.

Ten more days until this soup offer expired.

The worst period of winter have passed, and so Rabbit Jesus shall returns to her peers.

Not this cow peer who is too distracted by some bug that prevents her from working.

These angels we rescued. :3:

We only managed to save one turtle for some delicate reason. :guinness:

Maybe they wish to be free and just keeps trying to return to the frozen lake. sassargh

So be it.

Time flies as turtle soup dwindles. A few things are happening on this day.

First, Slaan is ready for her first sub-breakthrough.

30% at midnight and wrong season.

Flower Bun keeping her state of mind on top condition.

Next, auction also begins today to stole her spotlight.

Hats will represent us at the auction while I sent Radio Free Kobold to some desert.

A place where you can get lost even with flying capability.

Somehow, he managed to find a town. In a large goddamn desert.

We certainly would help them since we are planning to expand our sect.

In two days.

Finally, we found treasures while digging rock for the disaster relief.

Decent life extending art, but herbs is way better than wasting brain juice on this.


More demon rushes in as soon as we unearths our treasures. :pirate:

Two boars, same deal as before.

We will send two Inners to meet them.

They easily knocks off that boar’s treasure.

Flower Bun also shot out its…

What is this?

Ah, its core.

Maybe it's just me, but it's quite disturbing.

Meanwhile, the auction begins!

‘Mundane’ item list. All of these are actually good items!

First item is a medicine that heals scar. Two bidder already gave up on it, and eventually sold for 700 to a desperate lady.

Flower Bun charges in to melee while everyone’s treasure got knock off screen high up to the sky!

Flower Bun tries to jump at it while it’s not being protected by a treasure, but the demon is too high up for reach!

We will skip this pill that extend life by 256 years since we probably will drop like flies in two days.

Also skipping this pill that only Nascent Soul can eat.

Radio Free Kobold ran out of juice, which let the demon retrieves its treasure for protection!

The demon makes use of the treasure’s momentum to smash through all three treasures!

This old ma’am really likes this useless piece of high grade rock.

But the demon overshoots it. This amateur mistake gave other treasures times to recovers from the recoil and chase after it again.

WAIT! It’s actually going for our Inner! :magical:

There’s a high demand for these mixture that can heal foreign elemental injuries that got stuck in your body and take forever to dissipates. So make sure to not let any treasure or elemental beast hit your body. :nono:

Thankfully, the big bag of wheat knocked it away!

This is nice, but awful side effects.

“Hmm.” :hmmno:

“HMHMHM!” :supaburn:

We probably should had bid on this even with the side effect of harming mental state. Who knows how long it would take for Radio Free Kobold to find it.

Everyone is sleeping while these treasures hazardously zooms through the sweatshop. :sweatdrop:

Please knock off some mountain. Please.

Finally, something at the right price! But our sect hardly need it at this point.

Flower Bun’s core finally pushed the enemy treasure away.

RIP :skeltal:

After all those overbidding compare to (sect) market price, we come to this last item: The elixir that grant thoughts to wild animal! :woop:

Everyone recognizes it as the best item in the auction too. :eng99:

We will stop at 1000 Spirit Stone and no higher. Not because we don’t want to lose face by skipping everything. :blush:

All but one gave up their bids…

We will stop at 1200 Spirit Stone and no higher! :sludgepal:

W-we will pass. Someday we can make it ourselves! :reddit:

"HAHA! You bun'cha peasant dares to compete with my weath?"

Flower Bun was encouraged to loot the enemy to fund our treasury.