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Part 69: Day 99-101: Giant Demon

The hindrance is all gone. Flower Bun was tasked to handle the reparation for the damage of delaying our Day 100 Survival Celebration.

Thankfully, we have one full day to prepares for tomorrow. Surely, today wouldn’t have another simultaneous occurrence of multiple events.

No, these event will be fashioned by us today! Prepare the firework!

Radio Free Kobold and Coffee, go start some shits! I don’t care what it is, people need to know of our record of surviving 100 days!

We will also have an early spring festival celebration for…

456 years? :raise:

Many went to inspects the curious sight of the new year mouse zodiac being mystically bugged stuck in a mountain. Some say Buddha was not pleased with all these disease and epidemic spreading everywhere, while other believes it’s an omen of what to come tomorrow.

Hats isn’t sure if we should release it back into the world. What if it would break the natural order of the world or pissed off Buddha?

Our awakening snake thinks it’s a ‘happy’ thing. (Luck +1, Fire Dmg Resist -25%). :tif:

Let’s have Female Snake comprehend the thought next to the stuck mouse. It’s a good snack when she got hungry.

Wow! Another one! Could this be the year of good fortune!?

Very good. The same juice that pushed Arcanuse’s core by one grade.

Faith are reserved for Divinity Cultivator, so Radio Free Kobold will grab some stuff home.

Good, as if we don’t have two walking beef & boar meat in our sect already.

Don’t fail us now, Coffee! We need something big tomorrow or I would be hanged over a failed cliffhanger!

I guess everyone have a grudge over the recent raid.

Slaan succeed with Flower Bun’s help! :woop:

All signs points to us not dying tomorrow, so it’s time to add more beds for future goon elites that will start at the bottom of a larger pyramid.

Radio Free Kobold will go to the city. There has to be some shit you can join in city.

The New Year Mouse broke free!

It was too fearful of Female Snake.

That reminds me, we should get rid of that big demon boar thing once and for all! :sassargh:


Don’t worry, Flower Bun. You will get to butcher something tomorrow.

Once Radio Free Kobold comes home, he will take the lead to attack the demon. Then you get to butcher what you deem necessary.

Huh? That was fast! Slaan really wants to gets in on the action tomorrow!

We will see if this fire law will harm the cultivator on breakthrough failure.

Hopefully she will be done in a few hours.

Unfortunately, Radio Free Kobold arrived at midnight where no shit is happening. :sigh:

He will forcibly wake up some mortal and help them.

The mortals are too sleepy to spread our rep. :tootzzz:

Who broke a hole through our diner!?

Phew, Happery fixed our most important Feng Shui with half an hour left into day 100.

But too late to replaces the tile.

Maybe our ancestor wants us to give it a new name.

And add more table for future thought snake.

This is the best and only viable Feng Shui positioning for these table. It's enough for 12 more students, which is exactly the amount our expanded sect can handle.

The day has come. :ohdearsass:

Radio Free Kobold is back, but Slaan is ¼ way from her breakthrough.

New Year Mouse and its bonus was gone...

... without it’s stuck elves.

It has to ran away from the snake who just finished combining its three thoughts.

Thoughts of ‘Facing North’, ‘Fence’, and ‘Happy’.

One combination done. Two more until it can awaken.

A passerby needed help, and we were considering to assist him in hope of gaining some rep.

Flower Bun believes ‘attacking this mortal’ after we help him will garner a better impression.

We do agree the 2 points isn’t good enough for helping this mortal.

Flower Bun is demanding Slaan to let it bite that mortal!

We will remain neutral and let the heaven decides if this mortal who choose to flee towards the direction of Flower Bun can escape in time or not.

Flower Bun become ‘stuck’ with indecision.

So it went to sleep instead.

We took that as a sign from heaven to free the elves.

For once, Flower Bun caused a breakthrough failure via distraction.

Round 2. No failure injury, but this law doesn't provide failure bonus either. :eng99:

We will give her a boost.

Too bad she won’t make it in time for the demon beast hunt on the most important day of our existence.

Radio Free Kobold will start without her.

The usually tame demon boar suddenly attacked!

Everyone except Slaan, TO BATTLE! :hist101:

Hats and Coffee charges head on!

Radio Free Kobold got knocked down from the sky!

He tries to fled towards the gap of a wall to treat himself, but the demon shot a dark green goo at him!

The earth element goo ‘weathered’(?) his bone.

Meanwhile, everyone wisely decided to attack the demon’s core instead.

The demon ignores the fallen Radio Free Kobold in coma and turn its attention to other attackers!

It's time to pull out the trump card offensive spell!

The demon ran into the dark fog before the spell hit it!

Blaze Dragon arrives to retrieve Radio Free Kobold.

The demon is extremely irate by his presence.

I suggest you drop the luggage and flee.

But Blaze Dragon refused and keep hauling Radio Free Kobold to safety.

He was forced to drop his load before fleeing from a ball of goo.

He went into coma after taking another goo, but it’s enough for the demon to let him live.

The demon is completely exhausted and extremely satisfied while its core continues to engages against three treasures.

Kaja and Happery took the opportunity to rescue our fallen comrade.

Our three Inner carefully withdrew their treasure to strike at its main body.

The demon then retaliates at Hats, and forced him to immediately flee after three exchanges!

Because his beautiful hair is being petrified! ;-*

Now is the time for Flower Bun to join in!

This would have been an easy battle if the demon doesn’t spit goo.

Flower Bun arrived in time to tanks for Hats’ escape.

Coffee and Arcanuse combine their strength to keeps the demon’s treasure core away.

Arcanuse also spams his spell as much as the demon spits its goo.

We managed to wound it after losing two Inner.

*Sigh* Looks like Coffee will have to learn this without a mentor discount.

BLAST EM! :tfrxmas:

A three-tailed fox suddenly arrived!

You are hired! Go join the battle!

Use your treasure too if you have one!

The fox said only one Spirit Beast can physically manifest for a sect at a time.

And it wants a bigger statue to summon it. :monocle:

Both Arcanuse and Coffee is running low on juice.

Go eat a battery! :homebrew:


Flower Bun is doing surprisingly well! But it’s Qi is depleting faster than the demon!

We can even it out with infinite Qi blast! :blastu:

Round 3!

Our outer reported good bad news.

Day 101, 10:16 AM

After half a day of non-stop battle, the demon is no doubt going to be defeated.

But Flower Bun is also nearing its limit too. :ohdearsass:

Keep blasting! For our dog! For gender equality! :black101:

Mcclay combed her hair while wondering if hers will also get petrified if this fox statue is not build in time.

Finally, we exhausted its Qi. Now his HP. :cry:

Hold on, Flower Bun! If you goes down, so would our Inner everyone!

WE DID IT! The demon is now in coma and Flower Bun gained large amount of Qi intelligent! It have learned how to win with money! :agesilaus:

Flower Bun is going to sleep, but we will leave the honor of butchering this demon to our good boy!

It almost took a full 24 hours to kill this goddamn nightmare. :byodame:

Even our Golden Core have to sleep on the spot.

The scar on Arcanuse's butt is gone! He have redeemed his past combat failure. :toot: