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Part 71: Day 102-103: New Juniors

It's decided. We will build a wall. Entrance and backdoor comes later. Everyone will have to stay inside for safety.

… maybe one gate for trader.


They are flooding out of our sweatshop!

But you can reassure that we will mine mountains to keep the war supplies going! :tipshat:

But we could use some more manpower in our sweatshop, and soon-to-build wall.

So, please spread some words that we are recruiting wall builder new cultivator!

Tell them the Cult of Bèn is the newly recognized big shot in town and we respect gender and labor equality.

We are also hiring missionary in our local shrine branches. Salary are determined by local administrator, but I believe the minimal wage is one bag of wheat per year. :taco:

There’s no more people to hire for a while? Fine, tell them we will offer TWO bag of wheat per year! :taco: :taco:

We will save some time by integrating our wall to some mountains. This place will be the strongest industrial complex!

and there won’t be any issue with funding the construction!

You are too late to scam us, my dear merchant friend. Another sect sold this Earth Neutralizing pill for 1k to us. :colbert:

This, however, is worth the price of 2k, but no one is dying yet, so we will hold it off.

The rest of your stock sucks. We will take cash instead.

Slaan might once again regretted picking a law.

We were too dependent on Radio Free Kobold in past. To seek out better law or treasure, we must combs through our neighbor land to find them manually.

Along with making friends with other sect.

Now that our greatest threat is gone, we can afford one to stay home, one visit nearby spot, and two visit the world if they aren’t cultivating.

Our ancestor doesn’t think that’s a good idea, so TWO stays home.

New recruits have shown up to join our sect of great prestige!

Our first recruit, Jossar the bear! The thick body fat of his provide great resistance to cold and five element. He’s true fighter who knows how to make his own medicine.

Note: Top box with red font is your lightning countdown.

You will be tasked with handing the bad news to other candidates. Muscle them out if you must. :tbear:

Next is Dr. Snark the cow. A kind and gentle sociable cow who is a great doctor and [herb] farmer!

Third is Gridlocked the cat! He is a pampered cat who refused to do hard labor, and too curious for his own good!

What he is willing to do, however, is amazing! Finally, a cook that can make something beyond decent.

Note: There are some slight changes in stat and skill interest during recreation and I can’t figure out what affects it.

No random roll for your race, sir. You are Booksnake the snake. The last of your clan with a fear of fire burning your books. You are extremely smart, and will no doubt be a top inner cultivator and…

ALCHEMIST! :drugnerd:

He is the kind of cultivator who should stay home, ascend through elixir, and stays the hell out of combat. Except logging as per tradition.

Welcome! You four may be demons, but we are all brother and sister in the path of cultivation! Please pardon us if we serve you food that might consider cannibalistic.

Since all of you have at least one and a half years until you die face tribulation, you shall spend half a year to build your foundation normally as an Outer. Drug are for the desperate who seeks speedrun.

At. All. Cost.

We made a room just for the four of you. Please lock the door during full moon.

Our Inner are busy finding treasure or free loots on the ground.

Hats found a cave in our nearby mountain. Any cave in the cultivating world should have something in it! It’s the universal trope!

Especially those with branching paths!

Aha! I can’t believe we didn’t do this sooner. :cry:

A house!? In a cave!?

Empty. How disappointing.

Ohh, a village inside a mountain!

Hats is too lazy to speak with mortals.

Looks like another bounty target. We will gain a lot of favor from other sect if we can take her down.

It should be doable if Hats summons Flower Bun here, but let’s wait for it to grow stronger first. So that we don’t need to spend a full day blasting beam at each other.

How did this Fifth Grade Golden Core have 50X more Qi than Arcanuse? :psyduck:

Let’s continue looting.

Seventh Brother!? Don’t we need to progress by interrogating that suspect!?


Did you kill him?

Hats can tell the ‘default’ expression of innocent from this person.

Uh oh.

RUN! :derp:

That frog demon stopped chasing after Hats fly over the lake.

Hold on, Hats can totally take on this guy (with Flower Bun)!


Back at home, our farm animal new recruit are experiencing the hardship of human handling shroom and fertilizer. They are banned from eating human, which is precious resource for sweating in our shop.

Our future alchemist/doctor gets better treatment at a desk job. Saving life is important for our sweat industry.

Thus we must gather more herbs to prepare for the worse. Gridlocked who refused to do hard labor will be tasked to run around the map to harvest and hauls things.

Our new recruits' efforts will ensures our Seniors gets plenty of sleep while these junior works hard for contribution.

Hats may be lazy, but he also worked hard to sneak home to get more slack time. :ironicat:

More importantly, we can now study this Formation/Array thing - it's something where beneficial magic happen when you stand in certain position with your friends? :shrug:

Hats will figures it out. He will waste all his comprehension on learning knowledge that only helps the sect!

Time to see what all these fuss is about.

We can create a formation…

Or use premade(?) one as written in the books.

We have a sorting corner for nodes that provide certain effects to the formation. Stability is an issue, so you can't stack everything into the formation.

This… will take some time to explore…