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by Nyaa

Part 72: Day 104-106: Winter End


New recruit arrives.

Right on time for the worst to be over.

Our first student is… below mediocre, and we can see he is the type of man that speaks once and never return, which is a terrible trait! But we will wait and see if his mind would ‘return’ before sending him back to the mortal world as Admin.

Next is Mraagvpeine who claimed to be a proud member of The Order of the Reflective Pond, so the dice will roll on him being turtle or frog.

A smart one through 6 thoughts that pissed off heaven! Too bad you might not be able to enjoy your long lifespan after 79 days. You are too slow to work as an Outer and isn’t that interested in joining us either, so you can become an admin as well!

Next we have Epochol who is the son of a general, but grew up to be a stable hand instead.

You actually want to join Drunken Phoenix Order? Forget about them and learn our water law instead!

Finally a water cultivator in our sect! Look at all these rainstorm you can summon! This law have a lot of important secret arts for the sect!

Lastly, we have CommissarMega who is a great crafter with three months left to live. He will stay to produce his greatest work in our sweatshop.

Let’s skip the formality. It’s training time!

Except this turtle, how did you get to our sect at 0.6 m/s speed? It should have taken years!

He will take over Hope's admin desk job.

… after Mraagvpeine walks out of the map in a days or so. Our new wall isn’t making it any easier.

Ps: Mraagvpeine, if you ever come back, I can reroll you as a frog because I will skip all turtle demon from here on unless someone specifically requests for it.

Slaan brokethrough her slough after we drove the turtle demon away.

Wait… is this like the bear law where you start over? :gonk:

Either way, this is her room now.

It came with doggo amenity. :shibe:

As for our new recruits, since Epoch is human, his room will be named appropriately.

Hats arrived at the rare herb mountain.

:damn: If only Hats can harvest! :popeye:

What if we teach Flower Bun to harvest plant and summon it here later? It’s already helping with mining… but that’s an actual skill… :magemage:

Of course it won’t be this easy.

Is this someone’s ranch?

Uh oh.

Hats managed to escape without serious injury.

He was poisoned, but his body can purge it off without medicine.

He spotted a furnace while escaping.

This is why we need really good alchemist. Herbs are expensive and failing means money down the drain.

Maybe Flower Bun can eat it since it’s made of Qi and doesn’t have lifespan.

Welp, this will do. Those are really high graded failure after all.

Not everyone can leave in haste.

He might need to reroute once the wall is closed.

:cripes: The wall construction will be on hold for our brother to traverse.

Once he walks through our mountain integrated wall…

And depart through the furthest end of our wall at Lotus Farm.

All wall-builders will mine for material in the meantime.

Me too, Lynneth, me too.

Master Arcanuse offers to make a treasure of her choosing instead of mining it out by luck.

In actuality, this is secretly Arcanuse's way to determine who between Lynneth and Coffee have better affinity of fate for him to take as disciple. Via treasure strength of their chosen item.

This is the only item/weapon in Coffee’s inventory with matching grade, and also the highest grade level Arcanuse can refine with his 50x less than normal Qi.

Although the treasure refinement room won’t affect the greenhouse next door, our chicken can feel the burning competitive spirit of these awful human.

All four of these emergency hot items will return to storage until next winter. Unless we holed up the whole sect in wall.

Mraagvpeine should be able to leave before next winter.

Hats is back with those failed products.

He will return to Most Fragrance Palace to help with disaster relief and/or impress people.

Blaze Dragon is very pleased by his work being chosen for treasure refinement.

Coffee hopes his needle wins when he finished his breakthrough.

No one must know. No one will notice a missing bow.

Unfortunately, he isn’t capable enough to handle grade 2 item. It would be very shameful to ask them for grade 1 items, so he will have to study up.

Before that, instead of gaining 10% with 2 skill level, he will try reading this book about ‘organs’(???) of treasure.

He now understood how to properly handle certain 'organ' and realized what the user have been holding with their hands. :banjo:

Hurray! We officially survived winter! :toot: